descriptionFreeside billing, trouble ticketing, network monitoring and provisioning
ownerGit T. F. Source
last changeTue, 31 May 2022 22:16:41 +0000 (15:16 -0700)
2022-05-31 Ivan Kohlerexplicit dep on PDF::WebKit master github/master
2022-05-24 Ivan Kohlerbulk remove package def options, RT#86028
2022-05-24 Ivan Kohleradd option to not skip N11 destinations when skipping...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohlerproperly deal with broadsoft's awful non-standard quoti...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohlerobey otherPartyNamePresentationIndicator and deal with...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohleradd noskip_dcontext_tollfree option, RT#86028, RT#81941
2022-05-23 Ivan stub, so the old version is no longer...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohleradd option to not skip N11 destinations when skipping...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohleradd -i flag to set carrierid, RT#86028, RT#81941
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohleradd dep on libnet-sftp-foreign-perl, used by lots of...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohlerremove obsolete/customer-specific "set to toll free...
2022-05-23 Ivan Kohlerthere was no need for a separate "R22" format, RT#81941
2022-05-11 Ivan Kohlerfix disposition, add clid, RT#81941
2022-05-11 Ivan Kohlerquiet CGI param warning
2022-04-28 Ivan Kohlerimprove manual census map selection, RT#86245, RT#76968,
2022-04-28 Ivan Kohlerrestore correct workflow when no census match is found...
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