2004-12-03 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-12-03 ivanimport rt 3.2.2
2004-12-03 ivanremove autogenerated file
2004-12-03 ivanremove autogenerated file
2004-12-02 ivanfix license boilerplate and search sorting
2004-12-02 ivansecond big RT integration checkin, customer linking...
2004-12-01 ivandon't check that agent is allowed to purchase the packa...
2004-12-01 ivanadd processing for ship state/county/country
2004-12-01 ivancreditcard-less promo code signup
2004-11-30 khoffGot a little trigger happy with the search/replace.
2004-11-29 khoffInclude netmask and gateway in broadband service view.
2004-11-27 ivanticket system integration framework and skin RT
2004-11-26 ivanremove POD VERSION sections
2004-11-26 ivanupdate description for signup_server-realtime to reflec...
2004-11-26 ivanmove part_pkg transactional stuff from web interface...
2004-11-26 ivanadd password-noampersand and password-noexlamation...
2004-11-24 ivandon't enabled RT by default
2004-11-24 khoffAdded IP address search.
2004-11-24 ivanfix redundant too-early checks which are causing an...
2004-11-24 ivansome RT install updates
2004-11-24 ivanfix perms on automated backups
2004-11-24 ivanadd rate plan maintenance to sysadmin section
2004-11-22 ivanpromo codes and separate signup addresses for hdn
2004-11-22 ivanCalled-Station-ID label
2004-11-22 ivanUI fix on search directions, fix bug preventing show_ca...
2004-11-20 ivanfirst pass at VoIP rating
2004-11-18 ivanremoving files moved in 2.4.4
2004-11-17 ivan#debugging cruft
2004-11-17 ivanfix package options to be sticky on clone-ing (customiz...
2004-11-16 ivanremoving files from import mistake
2004-11-16 ivancan't set $p without $cgi
2004-11-16 ivancorrect package for $r
2004-11-16 ivanhandle RT NoAuth sections
2004-11-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-15 ivanimport sql-ledger 2.4.4 SQL_LEDGER
2004-11-15 ivanremove misplaced sql ledger update
2004-11-13 ivanimport sql-ledger 2.4.4
2004-11-13 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-13 ivanoops, that's better
2004-11-13 ivanfix problem with dup checking manifesting as Argument...
2004-11-11 ivanmerge in changes to rt-setup-database
2004-11-11 ivanimport rt 3.0.12
2004-11-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-11 ivanlast wo
2004-11-11 ivancats help alot
2004-11-11 ivanadding fc2 install
2004-11-09 ivanadd handling for texas tax exemption and warning that...
2004-11-09 ivanadd handling for texas tax exemption and warning that...
2004-11-09 ivanparenthesis help alot
2004-11-09 ivanfix for correct reporting of generic taxes
2004-11-09 ivandon't generate invoices for COMP customers
2004-11-09 ivanfixes to run under the mason strictness
2004-11-08 ivanbypass plandata warning; we're accessing it on purpose
2004-11-08 ivanfix bug that could cause mis-billing on upgrades! ...
2004-11-08 ivanadding in case this is needed again
2004-11-07 ivan update install documentation for 1.5 HTML::Mason or...
2004-11-04 ivanand the last two runtime ones
2004-11-04 ivanfew additional dependancies
2004-10-31 ivanquick pay shouldnt default to exact search
2004-10-26 ivanadding rh es3 files
2004-10-26 ivan1.5.0pre6!
2004-10-26 ivanslightly more up-to-date docs
2004-10-26 ivanallow an empty exporttype so you can create new objects
2004-10-26 ivanlast thing for bug#901, 1.5.0pre6 and webdemo!
2004-10-26 ivanmodular price plans!
2004-10-26 ivanand one last case with named and not named taxes in...
2004-10-26 ivantaxes are hard
2004-10-25 ivanhopefully fix tax report for taxclass & named tax edge...
2004-10-25 ivanhopefully fix tax report for taxclass & named tax edge...
2004-10-25 ivanhopefully fix tax report for taxclass & named tax edge...
2004-10-25 ivanfix joins for proper tax reporting
2004-10-23 ivanbetter
2004-10-23 ivanupdate default notes and footer
2004-10-23 ivanadd debug flag
2004-10-22 ivanadd svc_external-skip_manual support to main customer...
2004-10-22 ivanadd option to specify a static aid
2004-10-21 ivanremove tiny formatting glitch
2004-10-21 ivanif enabled, show taxclass on package definition browse
2004-10-21 ivanfix tax report edge cases when using taxclasses in...
2004-10-20 ivanback to id
2004-10-20 ivanlocate existing ones by title, warn on errors
2004-10-20 ivanadd external browse
2004-10-20 ivanadding artera import
2004-10-20 ivanadding artera import
2004-10-20 ivanadd svc_external search
2004-10-20 ivannew logo!
2004-10-19 ivannew logo!
2004-10-19 ivanisn't run with elevated privledges, so -T not necessary
2004-10-19 ivansleep long enough to be worthwhile
2004-10-18 ivanthat's right, a new logo
2004-10-17 ivanadd artera turbo handling to self-service and reseller...
2004-10-17 ivanuse templated svc_acct provisioner, from agent interface
2004-10-17 ivanadd options to adjust UI for artera turbo as svc_export
2004-10-16 ivanadd artera turbo export
2004-10-13 ivanapachectl sucks ass
2004-10-12 ivanfix edit link! oops
2004-10-12 ivanmore info in error message for unknown export type...
2004-10-12 ivanupdate apache restart line for local apache
2004-10-09 ivanrearrange things a bit and clean up the RADIUS session...
2004-10-06 ivanmore formatting updates to RADIUS report