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2004-06-11 ivantax report!
2004-04-23 ivanadd link to new credit report on main menu, remove...
2004-04-07 ivanoops, update the usage too
2004-04-07 ivanadded options to select username, svcnum, svcpart
2004-04-01 ivanget sub-countries from Locale::SubCountry now
2004-03-18 ivanrequire Storable minimum 2.09
2004-03-11 ivanturn down logging level
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-03-05 ivanfix -v
2004-02-13 ivancontinue adding svc_forward.src: make svc_forward.srcsv...
2004-02-13 ivanadd svc_forward.src
2004-01-31 ivanadd pkg_svc.primary_svc flag to enable an explicit...
2004-01-30 ivanadd support for running selfservice server against...
2003-12-24 khofftyop
2003-12-23 ivanadd svc_external
2003-12-21 ivanadd outsourced databases with both addresses by default
2003-12-10 ivanadd part_referral.disabled, add disabled indices to...
2003-11-15 ivankill off ssh process when re-opening connection
2003-11-14 ivanhopefully recover better from lost ssh connections
2003-11-06 ivanremoving (rewritten as a proper html report)
2003-10-24 ivancvv!
2003-10-20 ivandaily/weekly billing
2003-10-15 ivanadd tagging ability so we can run multiple self-service...
2003-10-15 ivanfix agent username and password nullability
2003-10-02 ivanadded -y switch to freeside-daily to specify an offset...
2003-09-29 ivanadded agent.disabled
2003-09-29 ivanfinish removing quiet config options
2003-09-26 ivanre-setup option to re-charge setup fee
2003-09-25 ivanadd setuptax and recurtax fields to cust_main_county
2003-09-25 ivanfreebsd portability fixes
2003-09-05 ivansvc_acct._password from 50 to 72 for blowfish passwords
2003-08-05 khoffVirtual field merge
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-30 ivanremoving deprecated freeside-overdue
2003-06-30 ivanadding sqlradius_withdomain export including realms...
2003-06-14 ivanadd index on cust_bill._date
2003-06-03 ivanuse serial for primary keys in new tables too
2003-06-03 ivanrouter.svcnum nullability fix
2003-04-23 khoffDBD::Pg doesn't handle char types very well.
2003-04-21 ivanon-demand vs. automatic cards & checks: added DCRD...
2003-03-31 ivanadd 'last_bill' column
2003-02-12 khoffs/;/,/
2003-02-06 ivantime/data detail on invoices
2003-02-05 khoffsvc_broadband rewrite
2003-01-28 ivaneek, and this is what caused connectup to fail too
2003-01-14 ivanmove freeside-selfservice-server to proper MakeMaker...
2002-12-25 ivandeclare $opt_p usage
2002-12-24 ivanoptimization for ginourmous numbers of packages for...
2002-12-22 ivan-p option for freeside-daily to only run for a particul...
2002-12-17 ivandoh! but finally fixed
2002-12-17 ivansheesh
2002-12-17 ivansigh
2002-12-17 ivanis this broken or is the calculation?
2002-12-17 ivangrr double doh
2002-12-17 ivandoh
2002-12-17 ivancarriage return helps alot
2002-12-17 ivanadding freeside-sqlradius-seconds
2002-11-20 ivanugh... need to increase length of payinfo field in...
2002-11-19 ivanincrease length of reczone and recdata fields in domain...
2002-11-05 ivanlost?
2002-10-28 ivansignal-less queued child handling (closes: Bug#477)
2002-10-23 ivandatabase dump & scp support
2002-10-18 ivanargh
2002-10-18 ivanadding
2002-10-07 ivancancel when it is *after* expiration date, not when...
2002-10-04 ivanworking on the road:
2002-10-04 ivanturn on AutoCommit when vacuuming
2002-10-04 ivanadding
2002-09-27 ivanlock mapsecrets file
2002-09-21 ivanall taxes now have names. closes: Bug#15
2002-09-20 ivanadd freeside-deluser, freeside-deloutsource and freesid...
2002-09-20 ivanmove from bin/fs-setup to FS/bin/freeside-setup
2002-09-19 ivanpackage expiration
2002-09-18 ivanremove domain config file, closes: Bug#269
2002-09-16 ivanskip empty expiration dates
2002-09-09 ivanallow . in untaint_argv, for usernames
2002-08-25 ivan?
2002-08-25 ivancorrect secrets file path
2002-08-25 ivanpassword
2002-08-25 ivanAdded Files: bin/freeside-addoutsourceuser
2002-08-25 ivandoc
2002-08-25 ivannoninteractive freeside-setup
2002-08-25 ivandoc
2002-08-24 ivanalso do -b flag
2002-08-24 ivanfix path
2002-08-24 ivandepend on Net::SSH 0.07, for -T fix
2002-08-24 ivanAdded Files: bin/freeside-addoutsource
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-07-27 ivanvacuum pg databases daily
2002-07-08 ivanoops, fix for bug only surfacing with different freesid...
2002-07-03 ivanfreeside-reexport
2002-07-03 ivanpod
2002-07-03 ivanfix usage message
2002-07-02 ivangrr old openssh grr freebsd
2002-07-02 ivanfleabsd grr
2002-07-02 ivanfreebsd is sofa king broken
2002-06-25 ivanmight work again under mysql
2002-06-20 ivanshellcommands w/passwords
2002-06-14 ivanworking job dependancies