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ownerGit T. F. Source
last changeTue, 7 May 2019 03:16:35 +0000 (23:16 -0400)
2019-05-07 Mitch JacksonRelease v1.0 master
2019-05-07 Mitch JacksonForce LWP::UserAgent to use Net::SSL / Crypt::SSLeay
2019-05-07 Mitch JacksonUpdate Makefile prereq
2019-04-24 Mitch JacksonImprove tests for generate_token
2019-04-24 Mitch JacksonPOD Documentation
2019-04-24 Mitch JacksonGenerated tokens pass Luhn check, and avoid collission
2019-04-24 Mitch JacksonAdd B::OP undocumented _info discovery hash
2019-04-23 Mitch JacksonDependencies in Makefile.PL
2019-04-23 Mitch JacksonContent cvv2 is optional
2019-04-23 Mitch JacksonIn content, owner is optional if name is specified
2019-04-23 Mitch JacksonImplement B::OP failure_status for declines
2019-04-23 Mitch JacksonTokenization processing, refinements, tests
2019-04-22 Mitch JacksonImplement payment profile creation
2019-04-17 Mitch JacksonPre-auth and voids
2019-04-12 Mitch JacksonAdding post-auth, void
2019-04-11 Mitch JacksonRefactor submit_api_request for additional actions
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