2002-06-25 ivanmight work again under mysql
2002-06-23 ivandomain_record records attached to svc_www records are...
2002-06-23 ivanpatch to get this working from Stephen Bechard <steve...
2002-06-23 ivanadd link to edit and format nicely
2002-06-23 ivanforgot . between zone and domain, patch from
2002-06-23 ivanforgot %> when converting from CGI, works now,
2002-06-21 ivans/title/organization/ at noment's request
2002-06-21 ivanfix infostreet contact field setting
2002-06-21 ivandebugging option
2002-06-21 ivanno, don't check for duplicates like this by default...
2002-06-21 ivanbetter error messages on uid duplicates... uid stuff...
2002-06-21 ivandon't forget part_svc in upgrades
2002-06-21 ivanoops
2002-06-21 ivanimport fixes...
2002-06-21 ivantiny bit better passwd.import
2002-06-21 ivandoc
2002-06-21 ivanuid search on main menu, updated upgrade docs
2002-06-20 ivanfix infostreet contact field foo
2002-06-20 ivandoc
2002-06-20 ivanshellcommands w/passwords
2002-06-19 ivanpod build fix thanks to Stephen Bechard <steve@destek...
2002-06-19 ivanfix setContactField email
2002-06-19 ivanand the same for changes...
2002-06-19 ivanfix problem provisioning RADIUS groups
2002-06-18 ivanbetter error message
2002-06-15 exporttype2svcdb removal
2002-06-14 ivanfreeside night to infostreet faxNumber (? dunno, what...
2002-06-14 ivanbetter releaes target?
2002-06-14 ivan1.4.0pre14
2002-06-14 ivanworking job dependancies
2002-06-14 ivanonly run callbacks once... should speed things up ...
2002-06-14 ivans/svc_domain.import/bind.import/ to match reality
2002-06-14 ivanremove classic interface
2002-06-14 ivanmysql support!
2002-06-14 ivanmysql compatibility?
2002-06-14 ivansearch by for address2 (unit) - commented out in defaul...
2002-06-13 ivanphone number search (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivanfuzzy username searching (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivanmore information in signup email
2002-06-13 ivansearch on customer number (Bug#422)
2002-06-12 ivanfix new duplicate username checking
2002-06-12 ivanfix company search
2002-06-12 ivanfix problems with code that resets invoice events
2002-06-11 ivandon't export empty files
2002-06-11 ivanuse FS::cust_svc and FS::svc_acct
2002-06-11 ivanbsd only for now
2002-06-11 ivanperl 5.005 needs an explicit mask for mkdir
2002-06-11 ivannotes
2002-06-11 ivanadd preliminary bsd shell export
2002-06-11 ivanexport-based duplicate username checking!
2002-06-11 ivanadd crypt option to (bsd|sysv)shell export
2002-06-11 ivan- add new suspend and unsuspend export hooks (with...
2002-06-11 ivandist fixes. locate more stuff in Makefile. whew.
2002-06-10 ivanfix *** ERROR: unterminated L<...> at line 299 in file...
2002-06-10 ivanalso retry cards when user clicks "Bill now" (closes...
2002-06-10 ivanretry realtime_card invoice events when a card changes...
2002-06-10 ivanfinal visual update on package date view
2002-06-10 ivanfixup time display in packages
2002-06-10 ivanadd small time display to dates
2002-06-10 ivanre-my'ed var
2002-06-10 ivansilence undefined warnings
2002-06-10 ivanunused global
2002-06-10 ivanback to ASP for profiling...
2002-06-10 khoffRollback part_pkg.def_svcpart changes.
2002-06-08 khoffDefault svcpart support for part_pkg. Fixes 'bug'...
2002-06-07 khoffSetup hash for CC failed Text::Template
2002-06-05 ivanmore mysql goodness, thanks dale
2002-06-04 ivansmall doc patch from
2002-06-04 ivanfix unsuspendauto
2002-06-04 ivanmysql support! thanks to Donald Greer <dgreer@austintx...
2002-06-04 ivanmisspelling
2002-05-31 ivanno state necessary in batch cards (i18n)
2002-05-31 ivandammit i want to catch export subclass compilation...
2002-05-31 ivanbetter error reporting
2002-05-31 khoffDon't ask me. I just hacked Ivan's test.
2002-05-31 khoffadded and test
2002-05-31 ivantypo noticed by <Kaa>
2002-05-31 ivanno, actually throw an exception if an export class...
2002-05-31 khoffAdded support for part_exports that are used with more...
2002-05-31 khoffupdated hashes 'n stuff for FS::part_export::sqlmail
2002-05-31 khoffpart_export module to export svc_acct, svc_domain,...
2002-05-31 khoffMoved new-style export calls to svc_Common.
2002-05-30 ivandon't double \r on old templates
2002-05-30 khoffthe \r's are annoying and for some reason weren't getti...
2002-05-30 khoffreplace newlines with crlf here instead of escaping...
2002-05-30 ivanpoint to correct place for hidecancelledcustomers confi...
2002-05-30 ivanGRRRRRRRRRRRRR
2002-05-29 ivaneliminate harmless "Database handle destroyed without...
2002-05-29 ivanfreeradius 0.5 doc
2002-05-29 ivanadd fs_selfservice
2002-05-28 ivanbetter error message for "Illegal password"
2002-05-28 ivanpoint people at DBI/DBD documentation for information...
2002-05-27 ivanfix javascript bug reported by,...
2002-05-23 ivanbind: allow adding slave domains too
2002-05-22 ivanbind export, editing zones, deleting unaudited domains...
2002-05-22 ivanmove some code from FS::cust_pkg to FS::cust_svc, becom...
2002-05-22 ivan- remove some out of date documentation
2002-05-22 ivanbind export
2002-05-22 ivan5.6-isms
2002-05-20 ivan*** empty log message ***