1999-04-08 ivan1.2.0
1999-04-08 ivanweb interface tester / sample data creator
1999-04-08 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-04-08 ivan [ AND DOCUMENT! ] all svc_acct services should have...
1999-04-08 ivanfix up PostgreSQL money fields so you can actually...
1999-04-08 ivanaesthetic update
1999-04-08 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-04-08 ivanimport necessary subroutines from FS::CGI
1999-04-08 ivaneliminate double // in links
1999-04-07 ivandon't use anchor in redirect
1999-04-07 ivanmore kludges to get around different null/empty handlin...
1999-04-07 ivanuse all stuff that's qsearch'ed to avoid warnings
1999-04-07 ivanuse FS::part_svc and FS::svc_acct_pop to avoid warnings
1999-04-07 ivanmore &invoicing_list logic to skip searches when there...
1999-04-07 ivanin &invoicing_list, don't search if there's no custnum yet
1999-04-07 ivanpick up errors right away, leave input
1999-04-07 ivanavoid perl's silly arguement not numeric error
1999-04-07 ivansilly HTML typo
1999-04-07 ivanharmless typo
1999-04-06 ivangive a meaningful error message if you try to create...
1999-04-06 ivanpostgres notes
1999-04-06 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-04-04 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-04-04 ivanChange Admin entries to read service/package definition...
1999-04-04 ivandoc clarification
1999-03-29 ivanbuglet in email invoices fixed
1999-03-29 ivaneliminate warnings in ut_money
1999-03-29 ivandie unless the configuration directory exists
1999-03-29 ivanuse FS::type_pkgs
1999-03-26 ivans/create/new/, use all necessary FS::table_names to...
1999-03-26 ivans/create/new/
1999-03-25 ivanone-screen new customer entry (including package and...
1999-03-25 ivanallow empty custnum in sub check (but call that an...
1999-03-25 ivanadded setdefault method (generalized setfixed method...
1999-03-25 ivanimport stuff uses Term::Query and spits out (some kinds...
1999-03-24 ivanURI unbundled from libwww-perl, so list it separately
1999-03-24 ivandie if no relevant services... cvspain
1999-03-24 ivandie if no relevant services
1999-02-28 ivanallow spaces in zip codes, for (at least) canada. ...
1999-02-28 ivanconstructors s/create/new/ pointed out by "Bao C. Ha...
1999-02-28 ivanremoved misleading comments
1999-02-27 ivanparse paydate correctly for cybercash
1999-02-27 ivancust_main.paydate should be varchar(10), not @date_type...
1999-02-23 ivanbeginnings of one-screen new customer entry and some...
1999-02-23 ivanoops, don't comment out &swapuid in &adminsuidsetup!
1999-02-10 ivansome new doc files
1999-02-10 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-02-09 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-02-09 ivaninvoices show line items for each service in a package...
1999-02-09 ivanregenerated perl api docs from embedded pod
1999-02-09 ivanvisual and bugfixes
1999-02-09 ivanno longer needed
1999-02-07 ivanmore mod_perl fixes, and bugfixes Peter Wemm sent via...
1999-02-06 ivandon't use [e]idiot; display error messages on the form...
1999-02-04 ivanadd AU provences
1999-02-03 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-01-25 ivanyet more mod_perl stuff
1999-01-25 ivanyet more mod_perl stuff
1999-01-25 ivanyet more mod_perl stuff
1999-01-20 ivancomment out future UI code (but look at it, it's neat!)
1999-01-20 ivanskeletal cross-UI UI code.
1999-01-20 ivandocumentation update: mod_perl support
1999-01-19 ivanfor mod_perl: no more top-level my() variables; use...
1999-01-18 ivanupdate TODO for stuff that was done etc.
1999-01-18 ivans/create/new/g; and use fields('table_name')
1999-01-18 ivantypo
1999-01-18 ivanesthetic: eq and ne were used in a few places instead...
1999-01-18 ivanall $cgi->header calls now include ( '-expires' =>...
1999-01-18 ivanchanges to track email addresses for email invoicing
1999-01-17 ivanitable
1999-01-17 ivans/Information/Freeside home page/;
1999-01-17 ivanremove preliminary completehost changes
1999-01-16 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-01-09 ivan*** empty log message ***
1998-12-31 ivandoc
1998-12-30 ivantypo
1998-12-30 ivanbugfixes; fields isn't exported by derived classes
1998-12-30 ivanbug
1998-12-30 ivansvc_ stuff is more properly OO - has a common superclas...
1998-12-29 ivanmostly properly OO, some work still to be done with...
1998-12-23 ivantypo
1998-12-23 ivanfix typo
1998-12-23 ivan*** empty log message ***
1998-12-23 ivan$cgi->keywords instead of $cgi->query_string
1998-12-23 ivanremove double '/' in link urls
1998-12-23 ivanuse FS::cust_refund; to eliminate warning
1998-12-23 ivan*** empty log message ***
1998-12-23 ivanpopurl always has trailing slash
1998-12-20 ivansuggest suEXEC as an alternative to suidperl
1998-12-17 ivans/CGI::(Base|Request)/;
1998-12-17 ivans/CGI::(Base|Request)/;
1998-12-17 ivans/CGI::Request/;
1998-12-17 ivans/CGI::(Request|Base)/;
1998-12-17 ivans/CGI::Request/; etc
1998-12-17 ivanfix double // in relative URLs, s/CGI::Base/CGI/;
1998-12-17 ivanfix visual and other bugs
1998-12-17 ivan*** empty log message ***
1998-12-17 ivanswitch to new logo, no reason to take up space
1998-12-17 ivanuse CGI;, use CGI::Carp, visual changes, relative URLs
1998-12-17 ivanprint $cgi->header