2003-12-23 ivanupdate svc template for 1.5
2003-12-23 ivanfix path to svc_Common in example table
2003-12-23 ivanadd edit_info to selfservice API
2003-12-23 ivanallow_negative_charges config option
2003-12-22 ivanadd total cards & amount to pending batch screen
2003-12-22 ivandefault to the whole-country tax rate if states aren...
2003-12-22 ivanquiet warning
2003-12-22 ivanallow credits to be modified at API level
2003-12-22 ivanadd cust_credit, cust_pay and cust_refund subs
2003-12-21 ivanwork even if there are stray type_pkgs records around
2003-12-21 ivancache virtual_fields method results to help performance
2003-12-21 ivanadd outsourced databases with both addresses by default
2003-12-20 ivanfix inflated advertising source numbers
2003-12-15 ivanline up w/window envelopes
2003-12-15 ivanprint_ps returns ths invoice now, do not count on latex...
2003-12-15 ivanfix bug that charged full amounts of all open invoices...
2003-12-15 ivanadd _latex_escape sub
2003-12-14 ivannon-breaking spaces in custoemr view field names
2003-12-10 ivansignup page w/advertising source dropdown
2003-12-10 ivanadd part_referral.disabled, add disabled indices to...
2003-12-10 ivanadd part_referral.disabled
2003-11-30 ivanexplicitly tell dvips to write output to a file
2003-11-30 ivanadd link to view typeset invoice
2003-11-30 ivanmove to the left to line up with window envelopes
2003-11-29 ivanmissing cut
2003-11-29 ivanuse the latex template for normal printing when available
2003-11-29 ivanadding sql_generic price plan
2003-11-29 ivanoption to send statements when a payment or credit...
2003-11-29 ivanalso set default latex template for late bill templates
2003-11-29 ivanpostscript invoice redux
2003-11-26 ivanremove spurious Setup on one-time package charges
2003-11-26 ivanadd invoice_default_terms config value to control expli...
2003-11-24 ivanfix html quoting problems
2003-11-24 ivanfix html quoting of export options
2003-11-21 ivanrevert bind_param change!
2003-11-21 ivanprecedence helps alot
2003-11-21 ivanprecedence helps alot
2003-11-21 ivanshow customer status on receivables report
2003-11-20 ivandon't error out when not actually changing domain
2003-11-19 ivanwork around DBD::Pg problems with bind_param
2003-11-19 ivanfix jscalendar date ifFormat
2003-11-19 ivanreversing accidental commit of work-in-progress
2003-11-19 ivandisable debugging by default
2003-11-18 ivanfix communigate pro export descriptions
2003-11-18 ivanadd communigate_pro_singledomain export
2003-11-18 ivanremove thread/PerlIO warning - standard in 5.8.x and...
2003-11-15 ivankill off ssh process when re-opening connection
2003-11-15 ivanadd trailing newline to supress useless error messages...
2003-11-14 ivanhopefully recover better from lost ssh connections
2003-11-14 ivansort these case-insensitive
2003-11-13 ivanfix path in questionable section
2003-11-12 ivanallow provisioning of unaudited services with a svcnum...
2003-11-12 ivanbetter error msg
2003-11-11 ivanalso make setx behave when setting svcnum during an...
2003-11-11 ivanfix up virtual field reprucussions
2003-11-11 ivansimple change to cust_svc creation to help imports...
2003-11-11 ivanreally fix advertising source edit links
2003-11-11 ivanremove spaces between parens and contact name
2003-11-11 ivanpart_referral.cgi
2003-11-10 ivanhmm forgot to check this in?
2003-11-08 ivanadd order_pkg and cancel_pkg functions to self-service
2003-11-08 ivandocumentation for self-service functions!
2003-11-08 ivanpass paybatch field to realtime_bop so we can prevent...
2003-11-07 ivanupdate jscalendar
2003-11-07 ivanalso fix attribute_since_sqlradacct for data charging
2003-11-07 ivanfinish fixing sqlradius_withdomain time calculations
2003-11-07 ivanalso show RADIUS usage information for sqlradius_withdo...
2003-11-06 ivanadd totals & simplify expressions
2003-11-06 ivanack! count credits, not payments twice
2003-11-06 ivantypo
2003-11-06 ivanlink to customer, don't show custnum
2003-11-06 ivanremoving bin/freeside-receivables-report
2003-11-06 ivan"current receivables" -> A/R Aging summary
2003-11-06 ivanremoving (rewritten as a proper html report)
2003-11-05 ivanfixup
2003-11-05 ivanallow letters in quota for use with edquota -p
2003-11-04 ivandon't overwrite otaker on cust_main!
2003-11-04 ivanadding
2003-11-04 ivanmake snarf info available to exports
2003-11-04 ivanfinish treating serials as ints!
2003-11-04 ivantreat serial columns as ints too!
2003-11-03 ivandoes this fix Bug#590??
2003-11-03 ivankludge around this so i can add service definitions...
2003-11-03 ivanadd suspended/canceled browse, fix the old suspended...
2003-11-03 ivanadd suspended/canceled package browse
2003-11-03 ivanformatting
2003-11-03 ivanremove duplicate items from "Reports" section
2003-11-03 ivantyops
2003-11-03 ivanalso show suspended and canceled counts on active packa...
2003-10-26 ivandefault quickpay to exact search
2003-10-26 ivanpayment reports broken down by Visa/MC / Amex / Discover
2003-10-25 ivansignups with snarf info!
2003-10-25 ivanadding signup with snarf input
2003-10-25 ivanbetter link to .INS files documentation
2003-10-24 ivanadd cvv-save configuration value to save the cvv data...
2003-10-24 ivancvv!
2003-10-24 ivanadding cvv2 images
2003-10-24 ivanUI: adjust alignment of stats
2003-10-24 ivanreferral listing now shows customer signups today and...
2003-10-23 ivanrequire DBIx::DBSchema 0.22 to deal with Pg version...