2003-10-16 khoffTelnet/SSH router export for svc_broadband.
2003-10-16 ivanfix Text::Template link
2003-10-15 khoff$router isn't a global.
2003-10-15 khoffMore changes that got lost in the merge somehow.
2003-10-15 khoffFile got munged during svc_broadband merge.
2003-10-15 ivanadd tagging ability so we can run multiple self-service...
2003-10-15 ivanfix agent username and password nullability
2003-10-15 ivan- Business::OnlinePayment "recurring_billing" flag...
2003-10-14 ivanfix the default success template
2003-10-09 ivanparse last line from TD Canada Trust
2003-10-09 ivandon't install on a public server!
2003-10-08 ivancan't use File::Basename::basename for windows filename...
2003-10-07 ivanmandrake
2003-10-07 ivanadding acct_snarf
2003-10-07 ivanproblem was scalar context propogating to the wrong...
2003-10-07 ivanfix subroutine call from UpdateAccountSettings sub
2003-10-07 ivanadd suspend and unsuspend hooks, don't try and set...
2003-10-07 ivandoc
2003-10-07 ivanadd suspension / unsuspension export to communigate
2003-10-06 ivan- put link to main menu on quick payment search page
2003-10-06 ivanfix URL argument processing for account searches by...
2003-10-06 ivantypo
2003-10-06 ivanfix linking to account list per access number
2003-10-06 ivanagent browse shows # of active accounts & links to...
2003-10-02 khoff$field isn't a global.
2003-10-02 ivanminor Makefile updates
2003-10-02 ivanadd emaildecline-exclude config option
2003-10-02 ivanturn off super-verbose logging
2003-10-02 ivanupdate Makefile.PL dependancies (PREREQ_PM) for self...
2003-10-02 ivanremoving testing info
2003-10-02 ivanadded -y switch to freeside-daily to specify an offset...
2003-10-02 ivanupdate with dictionaries from freeradius 0.9.1, and...
2003-09-30 ivanno duplicate usernames
2003-09-30 ivanagent schema changes
2003-09-30 ivanIE doesn't like downloading MIME type text/comma-separa...
2003-09-30 ivancalendar popups!
2003-09-30 2.47 required for ->upload() method
2003-09-29 ivanagent browse now links to active/cancelled customers
2003-09-29 ivansignup with agent selection
2003-09-29 ivanremove Gratuitous Capitalization
2003-09-29 ivaneliminate warning
2003-09-29 ivanagents can be disabled (auto-sensing based on schema)
2003-09-29 ivanadded agent.disabled
2003-09-29 ivanfinish removing quiet config options
2003-09-28 ivanadd upload of batch result from TD Canada Trust
2003-09-26 khoff$field is not a global.
2003-09-26 khoff$field isn't a global.
2003-09-26 ivansql
2003-09-26 ivanre-setup option to re-charge setup fee
2003-09-26 ivanscalar/array scope fix... new, multiple (i.e. canadian...
2003-09-26 ivanre-enable ChopBlanks for now
2003-09-26 ivanfix manual_flag problem preventing cust_pkg editing
2003-09-26 ivanfix tax edit UI
2003-09-25 ivannew per-tax setuptax and recurtax fields
2003-09-25 ivanUI for multiple named taxes w/setup & recur exemptions
2003-09-25 ivanmultiple, named taxes for a single region
2003-09-25 ivanadd setuptax and recurtax fields to cust_main_county
2003-09-25 ivanfreebsd portability fix
2003-09-25 ivanfreebsd portability fixes
2003-09-25 ivanquiet self-service server cancels
2003-09-25 ivan1.4.2 upgrade
2003-09-25 ivanupdate upgrade docs for bind exports
2003-09-24 ivandon't change dir either when username_pwonly is set
2003-09-24 ivandon't allow uid changes when usermod_pwonly set
2003-09-24 ivanneed Cache::Cache in 1.4.2+
2003-09-24 ivanfix boolean precedence error leading to inaccurate...
2003-09-21 ivanremove trancode from batching
2003-09-21 ivaneliminate extraneous newlines
2003-09-21 ivanpreliminary batch download
2003-09-21 ivanadd link to preliminary batch download
2003-09-19 ivanquiet option to cancel method
2003-09-19 ivanfix backwards-compatibility for signup server
2003-09-19 ivanremove klunky $error ||= usage
2003-09-19 ivanoops, flipped an or to an and
2003-09-19 ivancache initial signup_info for performance
2003-09-19 ivanbetter error message when you don't select a package
2003-09-19 ivancorrect pid filename for stopping self-service server
2003-09-19 ivanfinish moving signup server functions to self-service...
2003-09-19 ivanmodule needs to return true
2003-09-19 ivanmake sure signup cancels are quiet
2003-09-19 ivanmove signup server functions to self-service server...
2003-09-19 ivanremoving signup and passwd servers
2003-09-19 ivanfinish cleaning up the quiet stuff
2003-09-19 ivandeprecate signup_server-quiet config option
2003-09-18 ivanoops
2003-09-18 ivaninclude info on number of active/cancelled customers...
2003-09-15 ivanpackage search skips cancelled packages when searching...
2003-09-12 khoff@excludeaddr is a list of addresses, not NetAddrs,...
2003-09-11 ivanalso update sqlradius_withdomaind description for freer...
2003-09-11 ivanupdate doc note for freeradius 0.9.1
2003-09-10 ivancommunigate pro quota bs
2003-09-10 ivandon't set an empty externalFlag
2003-09-10 ivancommunitgate pro CreateAccount examples are on crack
2003-09-10 ivanfix for communigate pro weird data structure on create
2003-09-10 ivanset initial password for new accounts
2003-09-10 ivanadding cust_main method
2003-09-09 ivanadding communigate_pro export
2003-09-09 ivantypo hiding remote username labels
2003-09-06 ivanhide display of disabled packages from agent type browse
2003-09-06 ivanupdated DBI link in sqlradius export notes