new schema diagram
[freeside.git] / httemplate /
2002-07-09 ivannew schema diagram
2002-07-08 ivanbetter error message
2002-07-08 ivanedit expiration dates
2002-07-08 ivanremove perl-side sort routines, no longer needed
2002-07-08 ivannew and improved instructions! now even more idiot...
2002-07-07 ivanclean up after rewrite... turned out rather nice
2002-07-07 ivanfixing 30/60/90/120...
2002-07-07 ivanjust might work
2002-07-07 ivanthat would be nice...
2002-07-07 ivanfix 30/60/90/120 browses
2002-07-07 ivanUI
2002-07-07 ivantotals and order by
2002-07-07 ivantry for correct totals
2002-07-07 ivandon't recalculate owed
2002-07-07 ivancomma
2002-07-07 ivancalculate owed as subquery here too
2002-07-07 ivandon't forget to where the where clause
2002-07-07 ivantry for working paged invoices, this time with subqueries
2002-07-07 ivanwtf?
2002-07-07 ivaninvoice search with possibly working pager
2002-07-07 ivanmove query logic from perl to sql for scalability
2002-07-06 ivannew! improved! now even more idiot-proof!
2002-07-06 ivanfix UI for forwards - use HTML::Widgets::SelectLayers...
2002-07-06 ivanadd "are you sure?" javascript on view/svc_acct.cgi...
2002-07-06 ivanspeling
2002-07-06 ivanfix speling
2002-07-05 ivanfix bug with config having a value not in the select
2002-07-04 ivanmove "add" links to the top
2002-07-03 ivanui
2002-07-03 ivanone-time charges with tax classes
2002-07-03 ivandeprecate text radius config options
2002-07-02 ivanui s/ / 
2002-07-02 ivanfreeside group
2002-06-30 ivanadding
2002-06-28 ivanmore card display changes
2002-06-28 ivanlast 4 digits of card instead of first
2002-06-26 ivanclose form tags
2002-06-26 ivanworking one-time charges
2002-06-26 ivanui
2002-06-25 ivanadd link to controlling account
2002-06-23 ivanpatch to get this working from Stephen Bechard <steve...
2002-06-23 ivanadd link to edit and format nicely
2002-06-23 ivanforgot %> when converting from CGI, works now,
2002-06-21 ivandon't forget part_svc in upgrades
2002-06-21 ivandoc
2002-06-21 ivanuid search on main menu, updated upgrade docs
2002-06-20 ivandoc
2002-06-20 ivanshellcommands w/passwords
2002-06-18 ivanbetter error message
2002-06-15 exporttype2svcdb removal
2002-06-14 ivans/svc_domain.import/bind.import/ to match reality
2002-06-14 ivanremove classic interface
2002-06-14 ivanmysql support!
2002-06-14 ivansearch by for address2 (unit) - commented out in defaul...
2002-06-13 ivanphone number search (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivanfuzzy username searching (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivansearch on customer number (Bug#422)
2002-06-12 ivanfix company search
2002-06-11 ivanadd crypt option to (bsd|sysv)shell export
2002-06-10 ivanalso retry cards when user clicks "Bill now" (closes...
2002-06-10 ivanfinal visual update on package date view
2002-06-10 ivanfixup time display in packages
2002-06-10 ivanadd small time display to dates
2002-06-10 khoffRollback part_pkg.def_svcpart changes.
2002-06-08 khoffDefault svcpart support for part_pkg. Fixes 'bug'...
2002-06-05 ivanmore mysql goodness, thanks dale
2002-06-04 ivansmall doc patch from
2002-06-04 ivanmysql support! thanks to Donald Greer <dgreer@austintx...
2002-05-31 khoffAdded support for part_exports that are used with more...
2002-05-30 ivanpoint to correct place for hidecancelledcustomers confi...
2002-05-27 ivanfix javascript bug reported by,...
2002-05-23 ivanbind: allow adding slave domains too
2002-05-22 ivanbind export, editing zones, deleting unaudited domains...
2002-05-17 ivantyop
2002-05-16 ivanservice definition cloning
2002-05-16 ivanupgrade docs: run populate-msgcat
2002-05-15 ivanqueue dependancies
2002-05-09 ivans/Referral/Advertising source/
2002-05-09 ivanattempt to avoid people installing and asking for help...
2002-05-09 ivantexas tax!
2002-05-04 ivanschema changes for proper texas tax
2002-05-04 ivanadd package search by next bill date to main menu
2002-05-04 ivanfix ranges on cust_pkg search
2002-05-04 ivanpoint at correct .cgi
2002-05-04 ivanlilunixbtch: trying to pull accounts based on next...
2002-04-25 ivanfree_delayed try #2
2002-04-25 ivanadd flat_delayed plan
2002-04-23 ivanharmless ui glitch
2002-04-22 ivanadd pkgpart to agent type listing
2002-04-20 ivanbind export
2002-04-20 ivanworking BIND import
2002-04-17 ivanfix default searches
2002-04-17 ivanbetter ordering in search results
2002-04-16 ivanui
2002-04-16 ivanexports, then services...
2002-04-16 ivanreport on failed billing events...
2002-04-16 ivan- send a notice to the customer when their card is...
2002-04-16 ivanmove the last of the real-time exports out of svc_acct...
2002-04-16 ivanallow multiple search types on main menu... more confus...
2002-04-14 ivan- move cyrus, shellcommands, CP exports exports to...