fix sorting of NULL companies differently than empty companies
[freeside.git] / httemplate / search /
2004-03-23 ivanfix sorting of NULL companies differently than empty...
2004-03-22 ivanremove everything that links to package view also,...
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-02-13 ivanadd mail alias browse to main menu and fix mail alias...
2004-01-28 ivanfix link from service definition browse to services
2004-01-28 ivanadd service definition browse by number of active services
2004-01-23 ivanadd prepaid income to main menu and allow arbitrary...
2004-01-23 ivantidy up look
2004-01-23 ivanoops
2004-01-23 ivanfirst try at prepaid income report
2004-01-21 ivandon't include the _next_ day, just the full ending day
2004-01-09 ivanadd customer number
2003-12-27 ivanpackage reports by agent
2003-11-21 ivanprecedence helps alot
2003-11-21 ivanprecedence helps alot
2003-11-21 ivanshow customer status on receivables report
2003-11-19 ivanfix jscalendar date ifFormat
2003-11-14 ivansort these case-insensitive
2003-11-11 ivanremove spaces between parens and contact name
2003-11-06 ivanadd totals & simplify expressions
2003-11-06 ivanack! count credits, not payments twice
2003-11-06 ivantypo
2003-11-06 ivanlink to customer, don't show custnum
2003-11-06 ivan"current receivables" -> A/R Aging summary
2003-11-03 ivanadd suspended/canceled browse, fix the old suspended...
2003-11-03 ivanadd suspended/canceled package browse
2003-10-26 ivandefault quickpay to exact search
2003-10-26 ivanpayment reports broken down by Visa/MC / Amex / Discover
2003-10-06 ivan- put link to main menu on quick payment search page
2003-10-06 ivanfix URL argument processing for account searches by...
2003-10-06 ivantypo
2003-10-06 ivanfix linking to account list per access number
2003-10-06 ivanagent browse shows # of active accounts & links to...
2003-09-30 ivancalendar popups!
2003-09-29 ivanagent browse now links to active/cancelled customers
2003-09-15 ivanpackage search skips cancelled packages when searching...
2003-08-08 ivan- (finish) includes! (closes: Bug#551)
2003-08-08 ivan- fix Mason profiling to pass-through images (for graph/)
2003-07-16 ivanUI
2003-07-16 ivanshow totals in payment report
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-14 ivanfix bug when both a payment type and date range are...
2003-07-12 ivan- better description of payment search
2003-07-11 ivanpayments report for inventivemedia / hpnx
2003-06-25 ivanPg 7.3 incompatibility with empty dates in Failed Invoi...
2003-06-04 ivanfix last bill label
2003-05-11 ivanpatch from Richard Siddall for strict vars
2003-04-23 khoffMissing comma.
2003-04-21 ivanon-demand vs. automatic cards & checks: added DCRD...
2003-04-01 ivancorrect last_bill problems with $0 invoice (non-existan...
2003-03-24 ivananother Pg7.3 fix
2002-12-21 ivanUI
2002-12-21 ivandon't display all accounts in each domain
2002-10-17 ivananother mason fix, this one from 5
2002-10-08 ivanadd suspended package browse (closes: Bug#467)
2002-10-04 ivanworking on the road:
2002-09-26 ivantyop
2002-09-18 ivanremove domain config file, closes: Bug#269
2002-09-17 ivanremove svc_acct_sm
2002-09-11 ivanmason warnings
2002-08-29 ivanUI ROWSPAN fix
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-07-08 ivanremove perl-side sort routines, no longer needed
2002-07-07 ivanclean up after rewrite... turned out rather nice
2002-07-07 ivanfixing 30/60/90/120...
2002-07-07 ivanjust might work
2002-07-07 ivanthat would be nice...
2002-07-07 ivanfix 30/60/90/120 browses
2002-07-07 ivanUI
2002-07-07 ivantotals and order by
2002-07-07 ivantry for correct totals
2002-07-07 ivandon't recalculate owed
2002-07-07 ivancomma
2002-07-07 ivancalculate owed as subquery here too
2002-07-07 ivandon't forget to where the where clause
2002-07-07 ivantry for working paged invoices, this time with subqueries
2002-07-07 ivanwtf?
2002-07-07 ivaninvoice search with possibly working pager
2002-07-07 ivanmove query logic from perl to sql for scalability
2002-06-14 ivansearch by for address2 (unit) - commented out in defaul...
2002-06-13 ivanphone number search (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivanfuzzy username searching (Bug#422)
2002-06-13 ivansearch on customer number (Bug#422)
2002-06-05 ivanmore mysql goodness, thanks dale
2002-06-04 ivanmysql support! thanks to Donald Greer <dgreer@austintx...
2002-05-04 ivanadd package search by next bill date to main menu
2002-05-04 ivanfix ranges on cust_pkg search
2002-05-04 ivanpoint at correct .cgi
2002-05-04 ivanlilunixbtch: trying to pull accounts based on next...
2002-04-17 ivanbetter ordering in search results
2002-04-16 ivanreport on failed billing events...
2002-04-06 ivanfix visual glitch
2002-04-05 ivanoops forgot these from working on the road
2002-03-29 ivanfix unlinked svc browse!
2002-03-26 ivansimple visual fix: &nbsp; for blank company column
2002-03-25 ivancustomers by otaker report (ugly search/cust_main.cgi...
2002-03-24 ivanUI improvements for agents
2002-03-18 ivanupdate quickpay for current search capabilities
2002-03-05 jeffconsistency is nice