communigate provisioning phase 2: add svc_domain.trailer -> communigate TrailerText...
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2010-03-26 ivanadding build_exten.php since FreePBX won't ship it
2010-01-04 jeffuntested triggering of export on payments, requires...
2010-01-04 jeffadd some debugging
2009-12-31 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2009-12-29 ivansome random utils for disk space analysis and eliminati...
2009-12-23 jeffremove debugging
2009-12-23 jeffadd non-forking one machine monitor program
2009-12-21 jeffmove cch conf into database and add a couple small...
2009-12-18 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2009-11-19 ivanproper cdr_batch table, RT#6386
2009-11-03 ivanmoving paymentech-* to FS/bin, RT#5650
2009-11-03 ivanspelling
2009-11-03 ivanadd -a option for archive dir
2009-10-29 markadd option to upload all open batches
2009-10-24 markScripts for paymentech batch transfer
2009-10-23 ivanadding unlinked account migration script, RT#6126
2009-10-22 ivanfix netsapiens CDR import, RT#5226
2009-10-20 ivanbasic import working, still need better src/dst mapping...
2009-10-12 ivanfinish netsapiens import, RT#6365
2009-10-11 ivanhelps to have the tool
2009-10-11 ivanhelps to have the tool
2009-10-04 ivandelete invoices, RT#4048
2009-08-27 ivantry, try again
2009-08-27 ivandoh
2009-08-27 ivanok
2009-08-24 ivancustomer move script, RT#5351
2009-08-24 ivan(start of) customer move script, RT#5351
2009-08-24 ivan(start of) customer move script, RT#5351
2009-08-24 ivan(start of) customer move script, RT#5351
2009-08-24 ivan(start of) customer move script, RT#5351
2009-08-20 ivantired of asking
2009-08-12 jeffinternalize billco-upload and automate the transfer...
2009-07-31 ivanonly need Customer-CDRs, RT#5229
2009-07-31 ivanonly need Customer-CDRs, RT#5229
2009-07-17 jeffadd mutex and commit changes found on installed system
2009-07-17 jeffblack magic to edit as well
2009-07-11 ivannotes
2009-06-29 jeffshow total number of payments
2009-06-29 jeffcommandline tool for examining cust_pay records by...
2009-06-04 ivanmuch more efficient event migration: let the database...
2009-06-04 ivanadd a -m mode to improve performance so upgrade can...
2009-05-31 ivanstart of netsapeins cdr import, will finish up when...
2009-05-30 ivanquick hacked-up copy of freeside-cdr-sftp_and_import...
2009-05-13 jeffimproved taxproduct tax report RT#4783
2009-05-09 ivanmove cdr-sftp_and_import script to FS/bin, add -p optio...
2009-05-05 jeffignore fee based taxes and eliminate unused code
2009-05-04 jeffthis is a quick hack to rebill customers when a cdr...
2009-05-03 ivanconfdiff
2009-04-19 ivanno, it was only cause their db is somehow corrupt
2009-04-19 ivanwarning about this not terminating
2009-04-17 ivansomething to wipe the CVV from very large databases
2009-04-11 ivanmigrate send_email, suspend_if_balance and credit event...
2009-03-24 ivanquick tool for RT#3843
2009-03-20 ivanadding quick remote ping & alert script, RT#4610
2009-03-16 jeffa tool for migrating package elements to services
2009-03-15 ivanadding quick usage resetting tool
2009-03-11 ivancomma
2009-03-11 ivanquick list of area codes and a kludge to print DA numbe...
2009-02-25 ivanadding quick tool to change the "states" for japan
2009-02-24 ivanbootstrapping issues
2009-02-24 ivanbootstrapping issues
2009-02-24 ivansomehow rc install wound up without any data
2009-02-22 ivanadd exportnum to apache export files so they all get...
2009-02-21 ivanadding follow-tax-rename tool (well, quick hack), RT...
2009-02-16 jeffa cheesy little tool to assist in syncing cch updates...
2009-02-07 ivanno, it doesn't look like we have query
2009-02-07 ivandon't need this
2009-02-07 ivanupdate pod2x to use Mediawiki module instead of WWW...
2009-02-01 ivanadding scrub tool
2009-01-03 ivanindosoft CDR format, RT#4425
2009-01-02 ivanadd troop CDRs, RT#4413
2008-12-03 jeffsupport zip5 tax lookups, correct errors with fixed...
2008-11-20 ivanfill in the ratenum. doesn't actually delete the rate...
2008-08-29 ivanadd CDR batch TFTP feature, RT#3113
2008-08-24 ivanadd -k option for pkgpart
2008-08-24 ivanadd -a option for agentnum
2008-08-22 ivanthe master control program has chosen YOU to serve...
2008-08-21 jeffuse options with proper names
2008-08-08 jeffbetter opti table relationship following
2008-07-18 ivanadd -e option to bind.import (now to actually implement it)
2008-06-23 ivanhahahd doh, we're in perl
2008-06-23 ivanadd quick command line too for CDR imports
2008-06-16 jeffcatch one more customer
2008-06-16 jeffugh; cast about for svc/pkg linkages
2008-06-12 jeffdate fixups
2008-06-12 jeffimport services from service providing servers
2008-06-01 jeffumm.. right.. really do some on-demand stuff
2008-05-31 jeffguess at on demand billing, link pre-existing services
2008-05-14 jeffdo NOT delete the existing data
2008-05-14 ivan*** empty log message ***
2008-03-02 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-03-02 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-02-19 ivanfix this to generate more wiki-friendly column list
2008-02-19 ivanfix API upload
2008-01-21 ivan*** empty log message ***
2007-12-13 jeffcust_credit reason/otaker tool
2007-11-06 ivankeep our own list of states; remove some states that...
2007-10-08 ivanadd cust_bill_owed as an implicit condition (whew)...
2007-10-04 ivanwikify individual files
2007-10-04 ivanfix FS::SelfService::XMLRPC pod generation