[freeside.git] / bin /
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!!!
2001-07-30 ivanallow !! for locked accounts instead of changing to...
2001-06-20 ivan> Use of uninitialized value in concatenation ...
2001-06-03 ivanallow empty refund reasons
2001-05-08 ivanfix for OO Net::SCP
2001-05-07 ivans/!/*/
2001-05-05 ivanwww.sisd.com/freeside/list-archive/msg01915.html
2001-04-23 ivansession killer implemeting timed access
2001-04-22 ivanget rid of FS::SSH.pm (became Net::SSH and Net::SCP...
2001-04-15 ivans/dbdef/DBIx::DBSchema/
2001-04-15 ivanwww.sisd.com/freeside/list-archive/msg01450.html
2001-04-09 ivanTransactions Part I!!!
2001-02-21 ivanadd icradius_secrets config file to export to a non...
2001-02-03 ivantime-based prepaid cards, session monitor. woop!
2000-12-04 ivanfix nas.last type
2000-12-03 ivanbugfixes from Jeff Finucane <jeff@cmh.net>, thanks!
2000-12-01 ivananother tyop
2000-12-01 ivantyop
2000-11-07 ivansession monitor
2000-10-30 ivannas.last can't be defined NULL if indexed
2000-10-27 ivansession monitor
2000-07-06 ivantyop
2000-07-06 ivanremove duplicate sql statement causing spurious errors
2000-07-06 ivansupport for radius check attributes (except importing...
2000-07-06 ivandon't error out on invalid svc_acct_sm.domuid's that...
2000-07-03 ivanget rid of double sendmailrestart invocation; no need...
2000-07-03 ivantypo
2000-07-03 ivanadded sendmailrestart and sendmailconfigpath config...
2000-06-29 ivananother silly typo in svc_acct.export
2000-06-29 ivanadd sendmailrestart configuration file
2000-06-29 ivans/password/_password/ for PostgreSQL wasn't done in...
2000-06-29 ivansupport for pre-encrypted md5 passwords.
2000-06-29 ivanoops, silly mistake
2000-06-29 ivanmake svc_acct_sm skip blank lines in sendmail import
2000-06-28 ivanadd support for config option textradiusprepend
2000-06-28 ivanallow RADIUS lines with "Auth-Type = Local" too
2000-06-28 ivanmake svc_acct more forgiving about RADIUS users files
2000-06-28 ivanforgot to import a sub
2000-06-28 ivanquick hack to add RADIUS attributes
2000-06-15 ivanadded ICRADIUS radreply table support, courtesy of...
2000-06-12 ivansendmail fix from Jeff Finucane
2000-03-06 ivansync up with working versoin
2000-03-06 ivanfinally get MySQL locking working for ICRADIUS export
2000-03-06 ivans/sshopen2/sshopen3/ to prevent spurious mysql "Enter...
2000-03-06 ivaneek
2000-03-06 ivanoop
2000-03-06 ivans/icradiusmachine/machine/
2000-03-06 ivannot setuid or run by malicious user - no -T necessary
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export bugfix
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export support
2000-03-02 ivantypo forgot closing '
2000-02-03 ivanbeginning of DNS and Apache support
2000-02-02 ivanbugfix prepayment in signup server
2000-01-31 ivanprepaid "internet cards"
2000-01-30 ivanpostgres 6.5 finally supports decimal(10,2)
2000-01-28 ivantrack full phone number
1999-08-11 ivannew bill script,
1999-08-11 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-08-04 ivannew, kludgy-but-working html generator
1999-07-29 ivanwrong type for cust_pay_batch.exp
1999-07-08 ivanimport fix, noticed by Ben Leibig and Joel Griffiths
1999-07-08 ivanupdates to avoid -w warnings from Joel Griffiths <griff...
1999-04-15 ivanTT isn't a state!
1999-04-14 ivanexport getsecrets from FS::UID instead of calling it...
1999-03-25 ivanimport stuff uses Term::Query and spits out (some kinds...
1999-03-24 ivandie if no relevant services... cvspain
1999-03-24 ivandie if no relevant services
1999-02-28 ivanconstructors s/create/new/ pointed out by "Bao C. Ha...
1999-02-27 ivancust_main.paydate should be varchar(10), not @date_type...
1999-02-07 ivanmore mod_perl fixes, and bugfixes Peter Wemm sent via...
1999-02-04 ivanadd AU provences
1999-02-03 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-01-17 ivanremove preliminary completehost changes
1998-12-16 ivanadd table cust_main_invoice
1998-12-15 ivans/croak/die/; #oops
1998-12-15 ivandies if it isn't running as the freeside user
1998-12-10 ivanuse FS::Conf, need user (for datasrc)
1998-11-19 ivanadminsuidsetup requires argument
1998-11-18 ivani18n! i18n!
1998-11-15 ivanremove debugging
1998-11-15 ivanupdate for new config file syntax, new adminsuidsetup
1998-11-15 ivanafterthought
1998-11-15 ivanadminsuidsetup needs user, pod, cleanup
1998-11-07 ivanmissing use
1998-11-07 ivanstill need to bless into FS::cust_main (for now)
1998-11-07 ivanRemoved depriciated FS::Bill (now in FS::cust_main)
1998-10-22 ivanalso varchar with no length specified - postgresql...
1998-10-22 ivannow smallint is illegal, so remove that too.
1998-10-14 ivan1.1.4 release, fix postgresql
1998-10-13 ivanAssigns password from the shadow file for RADIUS passwo...
1998-10-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-10-12 ivanInitial revision
1998-09-25 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-09-25 ivanInitial revision
1998-09-18 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-09-18 ivanInitial revision
1998-08-24 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-08-24 ivanInitial revision
1998-08-16 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-08-16 ivanInitial revision