so Search.tsf and Search.rdf work
[freeside.git] / README.1.5.7
2005-05-14 ivan0.26
2005-05-14 ivanfixup RT integration grr!
2005-05-03 ivanfix some wrapping
2005-04-19 ivanupdate pre6 -> 7 upgrade instructions too
2005-04-02 ivanherding elephants: add primary keys to *all* tables...
2005-03-23 ivannew RT requires Tree::Simple too
2005-03-23 ivanadd HTML::Scrubber to rt install/upgrade docs
2005-03-12 ivan- bring prepaid support into this century (close: Bug...
2005-03-10 ivanarg
2005-03-10 ivanadd Frontier::RPC to docs too
2005-03-10 ivanadd IO-stringy (IO::Scalar) to instructions
2005-03-06 ivanadd Excel and CSV download of templated reports and...
2005-02-26 ivanless cracktastic version numbering