2010-11-08 ivancertificates ala communigate, RT#7515
2010-11-07 ivancertificates ala communigate, RT#7515
2010-11-07 markexport names, RT#9827
2010-11-07 ivancertificates ala communigate, RT#7515
2010-11-07 ivancertificates ala communigate, RT#7515
2010-11-06 markmove module loading to FS::Mason
2010-11-06 marksales tax report in Excel, RT#10321
2010-11-06 marksales tax report in Excel, RT#10321
2010-11-06 ivandoh
2010-11-05 ivansplit discount bs out into its own file before cust_mai...
2010-11-05 ivanadding 21 tools
2010-11-05 levinseFix undoing of changes caused by previous commit
2010-11-05 levinsedisplay any pending payments in customer view, RT10270
2010-11-05 ivanfix more german character problems, RT#10498
2010-11-05 ivanfix line item report when linked from CCH tax report...
2010-11-05 levinseadd a multi-select for tags to advanced customer search...
2010-11-04 levinseFix display of export option defaults for all HTTP...
2010-11-04 levinseNew HTTP export for svc_acct and additional option...
2010-11-04 ivandon't display service data for bundled packages, RT...
2010-11-04 ivanstop setting report_option_ to 1
2010-11-04 ivanlet you edit contract_end for all packages, RT#10480
2010-11-04 markmake contract_end editable when it makes sense
2010-11-04 markmake contract_end editable, RT#10480
2010-11-04 ivanbill setup fees upon receiving a payment, for bill_ever...
2010-11-04 ivanfinish username-slash and username-equals, RT#10452
2010-11-04 ivanfix fallout from payment ACL changes, RT#10476
2010-11-04 markclean up postgres-isms, RT#10324
2010-11-04 levinseadded an e-mail link on payment receipts, RT7946
2010-11-04 ivanfix logo use in statement to come from config, not...
2010-11-03 ivanmore granular ACLs for posting check vs. cash payments...
2010-11-03 ivanadd phone number search to menu, RT#10447
2010-11-03 ivanadd username-slash and username-equals config options...
2010-11-03 markmissing commit from #9947
2010-11-03 marksafety improvement to RT#9947
2010-11-03 markturn off debug
2010-11-03 markbulk change package type, RT#9947
2010-11-02 ivanupdate voip-cdr_email description, RT#10322
2010-11-02 ivanfix state lables for DE when set as the default country...
2010-11-02 ivanfix for uumlaut problem, RT#10359
2010-11-01 ivanfix   showing up in sections as a result of CDR...
2010-10-31 ivanon merge, add customer (ship) name to svc_phone.phone_n...
2010-10-31 ivanclarify description of no_prorate
2010-10-31 ivanfix long package locations showing up as line item...
2010-10-31 ivanif there's a geocode override and the address changes...
2010-10-31 markno_prorate option for bulk packages, RT#9821
2010-10-31 ivanadding, RT#10376
2010-10-31 ivanadd search on harcoded geocode customers w/cch, RT...
2010-10-31 ivanspacing
2010-10-31 ivanadd search on harcoded geocode customers w/cch, RT...
2010-10-31 ivandon't lookup a geocode we don't need, RT#10093
2010-10-31 markfix svc count glitch with linked packages, RT#10340
2010-10-31 markoption to keep dates when changing packages, RT#9947
2010-10-31 jeffseek the geocode on the correct object RT#10093
2010-10-31 ivanfix tax-ship_address config w/geocode and thus cch...
2010-10-30 markdiscount_Mixin
2010-10-30 markcleanup
2010-10-29 markprorate option to round to full day, RT#7353
2010-10-28 markdon't try to backup if backup_scp is empty
2010-10-28 markfix broken svc_acct signup
2010-10-28 markglobal duplicate checking on, RT#9967
2010-10-27 markcust_pkg fields in ticket export templates, RT#9936
2010-10-27 markRT ticket creation export to multiple queues, RT#10363
2010-10-26 ivanfix signup errors for conferenceingforless, RT#10360
2010-10-25 markfix mistake
2010-10-25 marksummary display of bulk packages with many services...
2010-10-25 ivanshould fix "cant call method "setdefault" on an undefin...
2010-10-25 ivansvc_pbx and whole-customer links to CDRs, RT#10315
2010-10-23 ivandatestamp backups
2010-10-23 ivandatestamp backups
2010-10-23 markfix contract_end bug, RT#10319
2010-10-23 markmoved to upgrade script
2010-10-23 ivananother upgrade fix for ancient datasets
2010-10-23 ivanfix upgrades from old 1.7
2010-10-22 markfix contract_end bug, RT#10319
2010-10-22 markfix contract_end bug, RT#10319
2010-10-22 ivanadd Net 90 terms, RT#10347
2010-10-22 ivanadd no_fuzzy_on_exact to RT customer search and our...
2010-10-22 ivana real wtf from me on the search changes, now fixed...
2010-10-22 ivantealish for not yet billed, like cust_main ordered
2010-10-22 ivanfix package def report totals to break down not yet...
2010-10-22 ivandeal with multiply-voided payments
2010-10-22 ivanrespect voip-cdr_email config when viewing invoices...
2010-10-22 ivandisplay both original usernum and void usernum vfor...
2010-10-21 ivanradusergroup option
2010-10-21 ivanbetter address searching: disable fuzzy/substring searc...
2010-10-20 ivanauto-conversion of answerdate too
2010-10-20 ivandoc
2010-10-20 ivancustomer merging, RT#10247
2010-10-19 ivanfix daily billing under mysql, RT#10246
2010-10-19 ivanfix "use of uninitialized value in string eq" warning...
2010-10-18 markrt_ticket export, RT#9936
2010-10-18 ivanfix "Inactive" status showing instead of "Suspended...
2010-10-18 ivansuspend_bill package option to continue recurring billi...
2010-10-17 ivandns editing improvements: show an error from adding...
2010-10-17 ivanshow eventpart in clone dropdown
2010-10-14 ivanfix domain edits, RT#10223
2010-10-14 jeffrestore update_censustract RT10221
2010-10-14 ivanmore contact work and preliminary business card upload
2010-10-14 markevent condition speed improvements, RT#6802
2010-10-13 ivanfix bad POD in manpages, especially freeside-daily -p