2003-05-18 ivanself-service: make payment UI done
2003-05-14 ivandisplay recurring custom line items on invoices as...
2003-05-13 ivan- document missing fields in cust_bill_event
2003-05-13 ivanmissing pod =cut at end
2003-05-13 ivan- self-service updates: cleanup and beginnings of ...
2003-05-12 ivansetbuf call doesn't appear to be working...
2003-05-12 ivanfix service links
2003-05-11 ivanmail forward search not yet implemented
2003-05-11 ivanpatch from Richard Siddall for strict vars
2003-05-11 ivanred here is too confusing
2003-05-11 updates from Richard Siddall <richard.siddal...
2003-05-10 ivanfirst pass at new package list UI
2003-05-10 ivanfix bug in last_bill method which prevented last_bill...
2003-05-10 ivan- substitute '0' for existing blank setup/recur fees
2003-05-09 khoffCleaned-up package view code and added CSS tags.
2003-05-09 ivanmod_ssl before mod_perl so mod_perl picks up EAPI
2003-05-09 ivanlittle bit more fbsd install automation
2003-05-09 ivanfreebsd install
2003-05-09 ivanupdated freebsd install
2003-05-09 ivanNet::SSH and Net::SCP are in ports
2003-05-09 ivanredhat install foo
2003-05-09 ivanautomated install foo
2003-05-08 ivancredit where credit's due
2003-05-08 ivangeneral Pg 7.3 fix for setting int columns to '' /...
2003-05-06 ivandon't create new files in lieu of branches
2003-05-06 khoffCan't pull out of thin air.
2003-05-04 khoffproposed cust_main.cgi
2003-05-03 ivanenable quota maintenance in infostreet export
2003-05-03 ivantypo in usage instructions
2003-05-03 ivanclean up CVS cruft
2003-05-02 khoffCARD && DCRD?
2003-04-29 khoff0 has a hash key looks like svcnum = 0. Suprisingly...
2003-04-29 khoffBetter SOA checking
2003-04-29 khoffIt helps if you can edit the ip_addr field.
2003-04-26 khoffI don't like FS::Record warnings
2003-04-26 khoffTyop
2003-04-24 ivanfix for bug triggered by nonexistant referring customer...
2003-04-24 khoffMySQL returns zero on an update when no values change...
2003-04-24 khoffSupport for nWnDnHnMnS time format
2003-04-24 ivanbetter shellcommands documentation of all sorts
2003-04-24 khoffSupport for exporting to an ISC BIND9 name server
2003-04-24 khoffApparently deleting elements from svc_Common->hashref...
2003-04-23 ivancompatible with mason 1.1! closes: bug#492
2003-04-23 ivanmight not be necessary, but to be safe...
2003-04-23 khoffMissing comma.
2003-04-23 khoffDBD::Pg doesn't handle char types very well.
2003-04-22 ivanproperly deprecate ancient apache & sendmail config...
2003-04-22 ivanmason is more strict about variables - patch from Richa...
2003-04-22 ivan- mysql 4.1 is available; update documentation
2003-04-21 ivantypo
2003-04-21 khoffrenamed config option excludeaddr
2003-04-21 khoffrenamed/clarified exclude_ip_addr option.
2003-04-21 khoffNavigation fixes.
2003-04-21 khoffFixed bug with $routernum and new routers. Navigation...
2003-04-21 khoffLines added for clairity
2003-04-21 ivanon-demand vs. automatic cards & checks: added DCRD...
2003-04-21 khoffBug fixes for sqlmail. Added support for courier and...
2003-04-21 khoffexcludeaddr option for svc_broadband
2003-04-19 ivan/^\s*$/ setup/recur expressions now failsafe to 0 ...
2003-04-18 ivanYA pg7.3 fix
2003-04-02 ivanadded order_pkgs sub
2003-04-02 ivanbetter callbacks
2003-04-02 ivanupdated meta-import web UI to allow duplicate import...
2003-04-02 ivanfix disappearing email invoice on errors, finally ...
2003-04-01 ivan- update qsearch for Pg 7.3
2003-04-01 ivancancel button for customers (closes: Bug#25)
2003-04-01 ivancorrect last_bill problems with $0 invoice (non-existan...
2003-03-31 ivanadded last_bill column
2003-03-31 ivanadd 'last_bill' column
2003-03-29 ivanrestart apache, not bind!
2003-03-29 ivancorrect web UI for svc_www services & no more @.domain...
2003-03-29 ivantrim leading @. off zones
2003-03-29 ivancust_svc and svc_x methods
2003-03-28 ivanfix missing semicolon in apache export
2003-03-28 ivanoops in null apache export
2003-03-24 ivananother Pg7.3 fix
2003-03-20 ivanvirtual wrap...
2003-03-20 ivanwrap this textbox hard
2003-03-20 ivanwide textareas
2003-03-20 ivanapache export!
2003-03-12 ivandoc from 1.4 branch
2003-03-11 ivananother pg7.3 fix
2003-03-11 ivanminor meta import webUI updates
2003-03-11 ivananother pg7.3 fix
2003-03-04 khoffupdated for svc_broadband changes
2003-03-01 ivanchange next bill date comparison from < to <=
2003-02-25 ivanremove max length on ACH account number
2003-02-12 khoffs/;/,/
2003-02-06 ivantime/data detail on invoices
2003-02-05 khoffsvc_broadband rewrite
2003-02-05 khoffsvc_broadband rewrite
2003-02-05 khoffip_netmask is gone now
2003-02-04 ivan1.5-specific fixes
2003-01-28 ivaneek, and this is what caused connectup to fail too
2003-01-28 ivancrypt password export to ldap fix from dave denney...
2003-01-17 ivanselfservice cancel functionality
2003-01-16 ivandon't run empty shellcommands
2003-01-14 ivanselfservice
2003-01-14 ivanmove freeside-selfservice-server to proper MakeMaker...
2003-01-14 ivanadd freeside-selfservice-server to init script