2004-09-05 ivanacquire a database lock to prevent race conditions...
2004-09-04 ivanfirst try at duplicate checking on new export associations
2004-08-27 ivanoops use @ARGV not @_
2004-08-27 ivanadd option to specify exports
2004-08-24 ivansmall Makefile update
2004-08-24 ivanbig update for reseller interface
2004-08-20 ivanadding
2004-08-19 ivanadd customer # to credit reports too
2004-08-19 ivanshell field is now a dropdown of legal shells, closes...
2004-08-19 ivanadd customer # to payment reports, add table cell align...
2004-08-17 ivanprevent realtime_bop CVV removal from messing up cust_m...
2004-08-17 ivanfix path to passwd.cgi!
2004-08-14 ivanfirst try at duplicate checking on new export associations
2004-08-11 ivanfix bank name showing up on invoices
2004-08-09 ivanadd /usr/local/bin to PATH
2004-08-07 ivandisable order package button until a package has been...
2004-08-05 ivanfix pod typo
2004-08-02 ivanfix link to virtual host browse
2004-08-02 ivanno maintainer, use shellcommands_withdomain instead
2004-07-30 ivanset fixed values from an explicitly specified svcpart...
2004-07-30 ivansvcpart changes now trigger all necessary export action...
2004-07-29 ivanadd index on cust_main.refnum, speeds up advertising...
2004-07-15 ivanbig update for customer self-service: add provisioning...
2004-07-12 ivanDEL out voided payments to distinguish them visually...
2004-07-10 ivanfix edge case avoiding erronous decline/cancel when...
2004-07-10 ivantyop;
2004-07-10 ivanadd calendar to cust_bill_event search page, make endin...
2004-07-10 ivanfix FS::Record::qsearch to (hopefully) work as before...
2004-07-10 ivanuse FS::svc_external so the label method doesn't bomb...
2004-07-09 ivanadd debugging to agent.cgi, make sure warnings are...
2004-07-09 ivannew style ; param separator
2004-07-08 ivandon't change otaker when just editing account, closes...
2004-07-07 ivanallow payment modification so we can import order_numbe...
2004-07-06 ivanbetter error message for missing tables
2004-07-06 ivannew features
2004-07-06 ivanpayment voiding part deux & credit card refunds!
2004-07-06 ivandocument and check refund reasons
2004-07-06 ivanadd cust_pay_void table and payment voiding web ui...
2004-07-06 ivan0.32 (and then some) released
2004-07-06 ivan0.32 (and then some) released
2004-07-01 ivancredit out self-service
2004-07-01 ivanfix silly bug editing agents
2004-07-01 ivanshow a full stack backtrace if we wind up in the hash...
2004-06-30 ivanpayyment receipts template fixes
2004-06-30 ivanpayyment receipts: pass body has an arrayref, also...
2004-06-30 ivantypo
2004-06-30 ivanpayment receipts!
2004-06-30 ivanforgot october! closes: Bug#880
2004-06-30 ivanadd option to pgp/gpg encrypt scp dumps
2004-06-30 ivanfix warning message when agent-specific plandata cannot...
2004-06-29 ivancust_pay_refund
2004-06-29 ivanadd cust_pay_refund table to refund payments
2004-06-25 ivanfix Pg date parsing of expdate and thus paydate_monthye...
2004-06-25 ivanfix one-time card charging not pulling in exp date?
2004-06-25 ivanset defaults so as to not change the billing type when...
2004-06-25 ivanping the database and retry rather before doing anything
2004-06-25 ivanreally fix latex printing when datasrc contains a ;
2004-06-25 ivanfix latex printing when datasrc contains a ;
2004-06-25 ivanmove up next bill date on unsuspend
2004-06-23 ivanforgotten space in typeset invoice credit lines
2004-06-23 ivanescape html
2004-06-22 ivansnapshot before schema changes
2004-06-22 ivansmall doc update
2004-06-22 ivanfix attribute importing bugs that borked the passwords
2004-06-21 ivanfix dup password checking on add'l package order
2004-06-21 ivanexport popselector and expselect
2004-06-21 ivanremoving old report from MANIFEST
2004-06-21 ivanfix harmless typo, closes; Bug#872
2004-06-21 ivancheck password match on agent add'l package order
2004-06-21 ivanfield name is primary_svc, not primary
2004-06-21 ivanoption to only allow primary users access to the self...
2004-06-18 ivanmasonize fix: avoid newline prepend fix from borking...
2004-06-18 ivanrecommend HTML::Mason
2004-06-17 ivanadd frontpage extensions to www_shellcommands export
2004-06-16 ivanfix deletion of accounts connected to virtual hosts
2004-06-16 ivanupdate tax report for taxclass
2004-06-15 ivanmoving passwd cgi to self-service
2004-06-15 ivanadd stack backtrace to fatal problems in virtual field...
2004-06-11 ivanfix date range for old perl, count tax exempt and COMP...
2004-06-11 ivanfix to find all customer scorrectly
2004-06-11 ivantax report fix sort
2004-06-11 ivantax report!
2004-06-11 ivantax report!
2004-06-11 ivanadd update-selfservice target
2004-06-10 ivannow available as methods
2004-06-10 ivanagent interface
2004-06-10 ivantyop
2004-06-09 ivanneed this entry for myself though!
2004-06-09 ivanexplicitly specify Apache httpd.conf. fear.
2004-06-05 ivanAND set its owner. whew.
2004-06-05 ivanand don't forget to make the dir
2004-06-05 ivanfix path and make var substitution
2004-06-05 ivanoops fix line endings in automated self-service lib...
2004-06-05 ivanautomated self-service lib install
2004-06-05 ivansqlradius import updates
2004-06-05 ivanself-service installer?
2004-06-03 ivanalso fix agent-specific From: address on "re-email...
2004-06-03 ivanfix agent-specific template on "invoice view" screen...
2004-06-03 ivanbetter error message for non-applicable invoice events
2004-06-02 ivansimple kludge for testing