2002-02-18 jefftrading in tar for rsync for improved vpopmail support
2002-02-17 ivanremoving
2002-02-17 ivanget ride of
2002-02-17 jeffqueue svc_forward remote commands; better commands too
2002-02-16 ivanwork with current Apache::ASP
2002-02-16 ivannow in RT2!
2002-02-16 ivaninstall warnings about mysql
2002-02-15 jeffremove arbitary uid requirement for vpasswd generation
2002-02-15 ivankeep accidentally checking in Makefile changes, gotta...
2002-02-15 ivanCP provisioning!!
2002-02-14 jefffix bug in multiline radiusprepend
2002-02-14 ivandocs? haha
2002-02-14 ivandon't require state (i18n)
2002-02-12 ivanmore information in "cant send invoice email" error...
2002-02-12 ivanfixes:
2002-02-12 ivanfixes:
2002-02-12 ivanfixes: bug#331
2002-02-12 ivanoops
2002-02-12 ivan1.4.0pre9!!!
2002-02-12 ivanadd username_policy "@append domain"
2002-02-12 ivanthat's not a bug anymore, don't list it in the BUGS...
2002-02-12 ivanred warning for unknown type :)
2002-02-12 ivanservice definition domsvc is now a domain pulldown
2002-02-11 ivanoops, code hidden by pod
2002-02-11 ivanremove bad doc link
2002-02-11 ivandon't display useless finger and shell fields if uid...
2002-02-11 ivansvc_www is working!
2002-02-10 ivanui
2002-02-10 ivanslighly different wording
2002-02-10 ivananother bug in quantity checking
2002-02-10 ivanimport qsearch() so the quantity checking works
2002-02-10 ivanadd new package definitions to all agent types by default
2002-02-10 ivanupdate billing documentation for the new world of invoi...
2002-02-10 ivanuse unique tokens to prevent double-submission of payme...
2002-02-10 ivaneliminate duplicate cusomters before figuring to displa...
2002-02-10 ivanallow + in email addresses
2002-02-10 ivanokay, for now, don't try to transform email addresses...
2002-02-10 ivanfix "no previous account to recall hidden password...
2002-02-10 ivans/POP/Access Number/ in the webui
2002-02-10 ivan*finally* seems to be working under Mason. sheesh.
2002-02-10 ivanremoved <!-- $Id$ --> from all files to fix any redirec...
2002-02-10 ivanhide SS# unless you turn it on via config file
2002-02-10 ivanpro-rating w/ web interface, tested (closes: Bug#313).
2002-02-10 ivanremove -i option from freeside-bill (obsoleted by invoi...
2002-02-09 ivanno more exit() in templates
2002-02-09 ivanokay all external export from .pm files is queued!...
2002-02-09 ivanhave FS::cust_svc::check look up & check pkg_svc.quantity
2002-02-09 ivanokay, both Apache::ASP and Mason should set no-cache...
2002-02-07 ivanoops, reversing bad Makefile patch
2002-02-07 ivandelete payments
2002-02-06 ivandoc updates and pod2x fix to skip blib/ files
2002-02-06 ivanpod typo
2002-02-06 ivandocumentation building Makefile patch
2002-02-06 ivanpart_bill_event.plan can contain punctuation
2002-02-06 ivantyop
2002-02-06 ivanfix for non-file auth
2002-02-05 ivanbetter error messages if you haven't run fs-setup ?
2002-02-05 ivan&nbsp; for commands; confusing otherwise
2002-02-05 ivandoc
2002-02-05 ivanweb-based password changer!
2002-02-05 ivandon't need DBIx::DataSource for upgrades
2002-02-05 ivandoc
2002-02-05 ivanfix part_export_option indices
2002-02-04 ivandoc update
2002-02-04 ivanancient files
2002-02-04 ivan1.4.0pre8!
2002-02-04 ivanhave fs-setup create the necessary "default" billing...
2002-02-04 ivanbilling events!
2002-01-30 ivanfully working invoice event web interface
2002-01-30 ivanremove
2002-01-29 ivanthese are all auto-generated by the installation; don...
2002-01-29 ivanweight, plan and plandata fields in part_bill_event
2002-01-29 ivan- web interface for hourly account charges!
2002-01-29 ivanoops bad column type for part_bill_event.payby
2002-01-28 ivanoops, syntax error in new() check for missing subclass...
2002-01-28 ivanbook closing schema changes
2002-01-28 ivanpart_export schema changes
2002-01-26 ivananother bug spotted by jeff
2002-01-24 ivanemit a warning in this unlikely case again
2002-01-24 ivan<rluser> rather than == 0 in the ::check's ....
2002-01-24 ivanstack traces help alot
2002-01-24 ivanjeff's on a bugfinding roll here, thanks!
2002-01-24 ivan<rluser> and it seems that cust_credit_refund::cust_cre...
2002-01-24 ivanfrom jeff@fix
2002-01-24 ivanmore updates to cust_refund::update_replace
2002-01-24 ivanfix cust_refund::insert
2002-01-22 ivandon't allow $0.00 in credits/payments/refunds
2002-01-22 ivandocu
2002-01-22 ivansilly compilation problem
2002-01-22 ivanremove old upgrade docs
2002-01-21 ivaninclude FS::svc_forward in kludgy preload
2002-01-19 ivanerror message update
2002-01-16 ivandoc
2002-01-14 ivanpay some attention to 1.4 RADIUS SQL export
2002-01-14 ivanfix -l option
2002-01-12 ivanfix upgrade8.html to be in agreement with fs-setup
2002-01-09 ivanupdate fuzzy cache files on customer replace.
2002-01-03 ivanmore schema changes: part_bill_event and cust_bill_eve...
2001-12-28 ivanupdate usage message
2001-12-28 ivanforce printing in freeside-overdue