2002-12-24 ivanoptimization for ginourmous numbers of packages for...
2002-12-23 ivanremove gratuitous warning and better error messages
2002-12-23 ivanmake agent available to invoice templates
2002-12-23 steveadd email address to shellcommands
2002-12-23 steveadded stuff for selfservice_server-quiet, signup_server...
2002-12-23 steveadded stuff for selfservice_server-quiet, signup_server...
2002-12-23 steveadded stuff for selfservice_server-quiet, signup_server...
2002-12-23 steveadded stuff for selfservice_server-quiet, signup_server...
2002-12-22 ivan-p option for freeside-daily to only run for a particul...
2002-12-21 ivanUI
2002-12-21 ivandon't display all accounts in each domain
2002-12-21 ivancould be multiple returns from these searches, with...
2002-12-21 ivanbetter qsearchs warning
2002-12-21 ivan$noexport hack moved to svc_Common
2002-12-21 ivankludge around uninitialized value errors
2002-12-20 ivanno changing cancelled packages
2002-12-17 ivaninvoice_lines() fix
2002-12-17 ivanchange wording
2002-12-17 ivandoh! but finally fixed
2002-12-17 ivansqlradius time calculation fix wrt open sessions
2002-12-17 ivansheesh
2002-12-17 ivansigh
2002-12-17 ivanis this broken or is the calculation?
2002-12-17 ivangrr double doh
2002-12-17 ivandoh
2002-12-17 ivancarriage return helps alot
2002-12-17 ivanadding freeside-sqlradius-seconds
2002-12-17 ivanadd PerlModule commands to install instructions
2002-12-16 ivanfix for Pg 7.3, are there others?
2002-12-16 ivanadd PTR record to domain edit
2002-12-16 ivanworking date range selector that defaults to the past...
2002-12-14 ivanfix for auditing packages
2002-12-13 ivantaxclass fix (?)
2002-12-12 ivancustnum in welcome email
2002-12-11 ivanbeginning of web-based data importer
2002-12-09 ivandoc
2002-12-04 ivanreally fixed now
2002-12-04 ivanoops, typo
2002-12-04 ivanempty invoice_lines() fix
2002-11-29 ivanaccept unmunged state/county/country
2002-11-28 ivanseparate state and country <SELECT> in signup server...
2002-11-28 ivanadd -g FreeBSD shellcommands export as per "Stephen...
2002-11-28 ivandeprecate username_policy
2002-11-26 ivanlink by username now only links to same svcpart
2002-11-26 ivanldap export: fix $crypt_password
2002-11-26 ivanremove harmless re-my to silence warning
2002-11-25 ivanfix disappearing radius group bug, whew
2002-11-23 ivaneww get rid of black border on konq3
2002-11-22 ivanfix nasty typo which would affect credit card payments
2002-11-22 ivanadd lec billing event
2002-11-22 ivanoops, one last LECB change
2002-11-22 ivansilly LECB error in signup server
2002-11-22 ivanseparate root and user dn in ldap export
2002-11-22 ivansignup server: use 'daytime' for LECB payinfo
2002-11-21 ivanchange DN labeling for those obtuse blockheads at netmagic
2002-11-20 ivanadd objectclass and ability to have multiple comma...
2002-11-20 ivanhmm, so you add the username to the DN for the add...
2002-11-20 ivanfix silly bug in ldap export
2002-11-20 ivanugh... need to increase length of payinfo field in...
2002-11-19 ivangive better error message on bad invnum, also 'use...
2002-11-19 ivanBusiness::OnlinePayment type is ECHECK not CHECK
2002-11-19 ivanldap export: don't use password if not given
2002-11-19 ivanldap export update
2002-11-19 ivanincrease length of reczone and recdata fields in domain...
2002-11-19 ivantypo adding lec transactions
2002-11-19 ivansilly regex bug parsing echeck info
2002-11-19 ivanadd LEC billing
2002-11-19 ivanoops, remove 10 digit account number limit
2002-11-18 ivanpreliminary ldap export
2002-11-16 ivanseparate ACH processor support
2002-11-09 ivanjavascript quoting problem in per-hour charging
2002-11-07 ivandoc
2002-11-06 ivanlala
2002-11-06 ivansafe regex for sqlradius hour/data billing, closes...
2002-11-06 ivandata billing
2002-11-06 ivandata charging
2002-11-05 ivanui
2002-11-05 ivanfix for correct radacct column names
2002-11-05 ivancan't use placeholders in SELECT SUM(?)
2002-11-05 ivanbandwidth charges from sqlradius
2002-11-05 ivanlost?
2002-11-05 ivanlocal kludge
2002-11-04 ivanbalance on small_custview
2002-11-04 ivandoc
2002-11-04 ivanfix cosmetic bug on online time view
2002-11-02 ivanwhew, glad i had a copy of this
2002-10-28 ivansignal-less queued child handling (closes: Bug#477)
2002-10-25 ivanmake $old_domain available too
2002-10-25 ivanshow export numbers
2002-10-23 ivandatabase dump & scp support
2002-10-23 ivanadd option to unapply payments
2002-10-22 ivanbugfix in vpopmail restart
2002-10-22 ivanACH fixes from s5
2002-10-22 ivanoops - allow adding CHECK invoice events too
2002-10-21 ivandon't disable for all items
2002-10-21 ivanPrevent a fixed or default username or password from...
2002-10-20 ivanenable shellcommands suspension/unsuspension hooks
2002-10-20 ivandon't run restart command unless there is one
2002-10-20 ivanvpopmail restart export option
2002-10-18 ivanforce executable permissions on bin/pod2x