2001-09-02 ivancust_refund and cust_pay get custnums
2001-09-02 ivanmore udpates for the new world of unapplied stuff....
2001-09-01 ivancust_bill_pay and cust_credit_refund
2001-09-01 jeffhaste makes waste... and left a method out
2001-09-01 ivanadd primary key
2001-09-01 ivancust_bill_pay & cust_credit_refund
2001-09-01 jeffoops.. need this too
2001-09-01 jeffadd cust_credit_bill relating multiple invoices to...
2001-09-01 ivancust_bill_pay and cust_credit_refund.
2001-09-01 ivantotals
2001-08-31 ivancheck US zips more strictly
2001-08-31 ivan> Order by City might be better
2001-08-31 ivanbetter error message for nonexistant cust_main_county...
2001-08-31 ivanfixes:
2001-08-30 ivanupdate signup server: template form and success html...
2001-08-30 ivanslighly more docu
2001-08-29 ivanui
2001-08-29 ivancatchall *can* be NULL
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals in singup server
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals!
2001-08-26 ivanbrainfart
2001-08-26 ivanreason can't be null
2001-08-23 ivanno need to be y1.9k complient
2001-08-21 ivanfix these up, most everything is working svc_forward...
2001-08-21 ivanno more &swapuid
2001-08-21 ivanfix domain method, and it works against old databases...
2001-08-21 ivanremove $Log$
2001-08-21 ivani think svc_acct_sm.import should go away, but...
2001-08-21 ivanremove $Log$
2001-08-21 ivanremove $Log$ messages. whew.
2001-08-21 ivanfix to work against 1.3.x databases, with a warning
2001-08-21 ivandeal with databases w/o separate shipping address
2001-08-21 ivanfix some silly syntax errors
2001-08-20 jeffone that got away
2001-08-20 ivanuse var
2001-08-20 ivan#
2001-08-20 ivanonly show domains associated with this customer.
2001-08-20 ivanlabels for svc_acct accounts are now fully qualified!
2001-08-20 ivanmore svc_forward work
2001-08-20 ivandtrt when deleting accouts wrt forwards, catchalls...
2001-08-20 ivandocumentation updates
2001-08-19 jeffadded user interface for svc_forward and vpopmail support
2001-08-19 ivanindices on cust_main ship_last and ship_country
2001-08-19 ivanadd system shells to @FS::svc_acct:shells on the fly...
2001-08-19 ivanthis is what i fed to RT, might as well check it in.
2001-08-19 ivandisplay bill and service name/company, and services
2001-08-19 ivan->setfixed untaints svcnum
2001-08-19 ivanset fixed fields before checking domsvc
2001-08-19 ivancountry fields will now accept names and change them...
2001-08-17 ivanut_phonen: fallback to ut_textn, instead of ut_alphan...
2001-08-17 ivancanada has same phone# rules as US
2001-08-17 ivanclean up tax rate editing:
2001-08-17 ivangah
2001-08-17 ivandocument catchall and untaint everything
2001-08-17 ivanBusiness::OnlinePayment
2001-08-17 ivanalldocs target
2001-08-17 ivanthanks jeff!
2001-08-17 ivanfix email invoice to the being-creted-account bug
2001-08-15 ivanremove (some of the) bad direct exit; calls
2001-08-13 ivandon't display empty comment box
2001-08-13 ivanproperly massage ship_state & work okay when no initial...
2001-08-13 ivanremoving
2001-08-13 ivanadd svc_forward, depriciate svc_acct_sm
2001-08-13 ivanuntaint svcnum & domsvc
2001-08-13 ivandepriciate svc_acct_sm, add unique index for username...
2001-08-12 jeffmerging vpopmail support branch
2001-08-12 ivandon't use Apache::ASP-specific $Redirect object
2001-08-12 ivani did get it working
2001-08-12 ivanuse transactional invoice_list setting & eliminate...
2001-08-12 ivantransactional invoice_list setting yay!!!
2001-08-12 ivanbetter error msgs
2001-08-11 ivanbetter error checking, fix scalar context to $cgi-...
2001-08-11 ivanmissed a variable interpolation
2001-08-11 ivanadd comments field
2001-08-11 ivanadd customer comments fields
2001-08-11 ivanadd comments field, fix ship_ address handling (don...
2001-08-11 ivanbetter error msg
2001-08-11 ivanallow newlines in ut_anything fields
2001-08-11 ivandon't have any other choices in svcdb dropdown for...
2001-08-11 ivanthat's what $etc is for!
2001-08-11 ivanbetter docs
2001-08-11 ivan"fixes"
2001-08-08 ivandoc clarification
2001-08-08 ivanbetter error msg
2001-08-03 jeffadded the tax method
2001-07-30 ivanApache::ASP eidiot fix
2001-07-30 ivanshipping address additions
2001-07-30 ivanPg primary key upgrade fix (create fix in new DBIx...
2001-07-30 ivanforgotten files
2001-07-30 ivantemplate stuffs
2001-07-30 ivanneed this too!
2001-07-30 ivanneed an DBIx::DBSchema with delcolumn
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!!!
2001-07-30 ivanpodnitfix
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!
2001-07-30 ivantodocruft
2001-07-30 ivanallow !! as password for disabled accounts
2001-07-30 ivanallow !! for locked accounts instead of changing to...
2001-07-27 ivanclarification
2001-07-27 thalakanDocumented some subtle behavior of the checkdest method.