2004-03-11 ivanoops, wrong logo
2004-03-11 ivanadd typeset logo to conf dir and point invoice_latex...
2004-03-11 ivanturn down logging level
2004-03-11 ivanupdate fs_passwd stuff as wrappers around self-service
2004-03-11 ivanincorrect listing in MANIFEST
2004-03-11 ivan1.5 stuff
2004-03-11 ivansuse install script
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-03-11 ivanimport of rt 3.0.9 RT_3_0_9
2004-03-11 ivanupdate for suse
2004-03-10 khoffExcluded virtual fields weren't being properly masked...
2004-03-10 ivanmove to versioned dir
2004-03-10 ivanadding preliminary suse install script
2004-03-10 khoffAdded hide/show customer router link.
2004-03-10 khoffUI cleanup.
2004-03-06 ivandoc
2004-03-05 ivanbeginning of OO reporting interface, create acadia...
2004-03-05 ivanfix -v
2004-03-03 ivanfix for case where no .fetchmailrc should be create...
2004-03-03 ivanfix welcome emails being sent to signup server declined...
2004-03-03 ivangrey out inactive text boxes as well as disable them...
2004-02-28 ivanfor now
2004-02-28 ivans/cleanwhisker/pouncequick/
2004-02-28 ivanadding
2004-02-28 ivanminor fixes
2004-02-28 ivancredit where the typeset invoices came from!
2004-02-28 ivanApache::ASP 2.55 required
2004-02-28 ivanstyle
2004-02-28 ivannew setuptax and recurtax fields
2004-02-28 ivanupdate
2004-02-28 ivandepend on DBIx::DBSchema 0.23 and thus DBD::Pg 1.32...
2004-02-27 khoffWhen next_free_addr returned undef, we were trying...
2004-02-26 ivancorrect cancel link s/account/mail forward/
2004-02-26 ivandouble quotes are not ASP
2004-02-26 ivanallow replace with no arguments
2004-02-25 ivanfix up forward editing for new svc_forward.src field
2004-02-25 ivankludge around it completely
2004-02-25 ivanthird time's the charm
2004-02-25 ivanoops, not the right way to blank them
2004-02-25 ivanquery strings get passed through sometimes?
2004-02-25 ivanformatting
2004-02-23 ivanimplement fallback suspension code
2004-02-13 ivanpostfix export
2004-02-13 ivanadd postfix export
2004-02-13 ivantypo
2004-02-13 ivanadding postfix export
2004-02-13 ivanit lives!
2004-02-13 ivanworkaround for older Pg
2004-02-13 ivanadd mail alias browse to main menu and fix mail alias...
2004-02-13 ivancontinue adding svc_forward.src: make svc_forward.srcsv...
2004-02-13 ivanadd svc_forward.src
2004-02-13 ivaninitial import
2004-02-13 ivandepend on Net::SSH 0.08 for non-blocking STDERR read
2004-02-12 ivandoc
2004-02-12 ivanfix usage msg
2004-02-12 ivanre-email invoice, closes: bug#526 and have print and...
2004-02-07 ivanadd link to FreeBSD patch for pw(1) problem
2004-02-07 ivanadd ignore_accounting flag to sqlradius and sqlradius_w...
2004-02-06 ivanadd "Net 0" invoice_default_terms
2004-02-03 ivanadding shadow.reimport
2004-02-02 ivanadd 1.5 dependancies
2004-02-01 ivanadd addl dependancies, should work now?
2004-02-01 ivanrar rar
2004-02-01 ivanrar
2004-02-01 ivanadd libcache-cache-perl
2004-02-01 ivanuse install to make all components of FREESIDE_CONF dir
2004-02-01 ivans/cleanwhisker/pouncequick/
2004-01-31 ivanadd pkg_svc.primary_svc flag to enable an explicit...
2004-01-31 ivanadd ut_snumber, fix replacement of records with empty...
2004-01-30 ivannot appropriate
2004-01-30 ivanadd default freebsd and linux suspension/unsuspension...
2004-01-30 ivandon't prepend *SUSPENDED* to passwords to suspend an...
2004-01-30 ivanmultiple self-service machines aren't enclosed in quotes
2004-01-30 ivanadd support for running selfservice server against...
2004-01-28 ivanfix link from service definition browse to services
2004-01-28 ivanadd service definition browse by number of active services
2004-01-23 ivanadd prepaid income to main menu and allow arbitrary...
2004-01-23 ivantidy up look
2004-01-23 ivanoops
2004-01-23 ivanfirst try at prepaid income report
2004-01-23 ivanundo debugging change
2004-01-23 ivanconsolidate large numbers of accounts to avoid gigantic...
2004-01-23 ivanand the same for ship_
2004-01-23 ivanfix state default and set min year to this year, patch...
2004-01-23 ivanupdate ideas about package splitup
2004-01-22 ivanfix cancel method
2004-01-22 ivanreport cancellation errors properly
2004-01-21 ivanfix newline problem in dump
2004-01-21 ivanclean up all temp files!
2004-01-21 ivanfix multi-page typeset invoices
2004-01-21 ivandon't include the _next_ day, just the full ending day
2004-01-20 ivanadd database dump from web interface
2004-01-19 ivantypeset invoice doc update
2004-01-18 ivanrevert bind_param change _again_. passing not as a...
2004-01-16 ivanapply variable substitutions in latex notes also
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite and Locale::SubCountry
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite
2004-01-12 khoffLists are just better sorted.
2004-01-12 khoff$pvf isn't a global.
2004-01-12 ivanonly display "view typeset invoice" when there is an...