2000-12-03 ivantyop
2000-12-03 ivandirections for webapp session foo
2000-12-03 ivanoops, forgot the web apps
2000-12-03 ivansession monitor updates
2000-12-03 ivanbugfixes from Jeff Finucane <>, thanks!
2000-12-03 ivantemplate bugfix from Jason Spence <>
2000-12-03 ivanpatch from Jason Spence <>: admin...
2000-12-03 ivanbeginnings of web status for session monitor
2000-12-03 ivanbad caches!
2000-12-01 ivanoops
2000-12-01 ivananother tyop
2000-12-01 ivantyop
2000-11-22 ivantyop
2000-11-07 ivansession monitor
2000-10-30 ivannas.last can't be defined NULL if indexed
2000-10-27 ivanoops, also necessary for session monitor
2000-10-27 ivansession monitor
2000-10-16 ivanfix typo
2000-10-15 ivanroo
2000-10-12 ivanrawr!
2000-09-20 ivansince printed field isn't updated 'till after print_tex...
2000-08-24 ivanuntaint template source
2000-08-09 ivanexample invoice template
2000-08-09 ivandoc updates
2000-08-09 ivantemplatable invoices
2000-07-18 ivandia source
2000-07-17 ivanoops
2000-07-17 ivanfirst shot at invoice browsing and some other cleanups
2000-07-17 ivansilly mistake
2000-07-17 ivanbetter error message if a package isn't linked to a...
2000-07-17 ivanbetter error messages if svc_acct or svc_domain records...
2000-07-17 ivanprevent accounts which are the target of mail aliases...
2000-07-17 ivanmake remote commands configurable
2000-07-17 ivanrawr!
2000-07-17 ivandocumentation updates
2000-07-07 ivanwait()ing on SIGCHLD causing hangs for some folks
2000-07-06 ivanmis-PODed =back should have been a =cut
2000-07-06 ivantyop
2000-07-06 ivanremove duplicate sql statement causing spurious errors
2000-07-06 ivansupport for radius check attributes (except importing...
2000-07-06 ivandon't error out on invalid svc_acct_sm.domuid's that...
2000-07-04 ivannoted a API inconsistancy
2000-07-03 ivanget rid of double sendmailrestart invocation; no need...
2000-07-03 ivantypo
2000-07-03 ivanadded sendmailrestart and sendmailconfigpath config...
2000-06-30 ivanmaildisablecatchall configuration file
2000-06-30 ivanmaildisablecatchall config file
2000-06-29 ivananother silly typo in svc_acct.export
2000-06-29 ivanadd sendmailrestart configuration file
2000-06-29 ivans/password/_password/ for PostgreSQL wasn't done in...
2000-06-29 ivansupport for pre-encrypted md5 passwords.
2000-06-29 ivanmd5 passwords can are 34 characters long and have ...
2000-06-29 ivandon't block on $whois_hack trueness when adding new...
2000-06-29 ivanoops, silly mistake
2000-06-29 ivanmake svc_acct_sm skip blank lines in sendmail import
2000-06-28 ivansuperfluous my()
2000-06-28 ivanbugfix to accept shells that evaluate to false in perl...
2000-06-28 ivanadd support for config option textradiusprepend
2000-06-28 ivanallow RADIUS lines with "Auth-Type = Local" too
2000-06-28 ivanmake svc_acct more forgiving about RADIUS users files
2000-06-28 ivanforgot to import a sub
2000-06-28 ivanquick hack to add RADIUS attributes
2000-06-28 ivandocumentation oops
2000-06-27 ivani18n
2000-06-27 ivani18
2000-06-27 ivanfix typo in last patch, and another gratuitous -w pleaser
2000-06-27 ivanlogically identical, but -w safe
2000-06-24 ivandon't use Date::Manip; report correct program name...
2000-06-23 ivanFS::Record::qsearch - more portable, doesn't depend...
2000-06-22 ivantyop
2000-06-20 ivandocumentation update for 1.2.4 release
2000-06-20 ivandocumentation update
2000-06-17 ivanfix typo in error message
2000-06-15 ivantext updates
2000-06-15 ivanadded ICRADIUS radreply table support, courtesy of...
2000-06-15 ivanchange SSH link from (F-Secure) to openss...
2000-06-15 ivanadd radius method
2000-06-15 ivanfix for ncancelled_pkgs - when called in scalar context...
2000-06-15 ivanbugfix from Jeff Finucane, thanks!
2000-06-15 ivanupdate to the inline documentation, hopefully will...
2000-06-14 ivandocumentation updates for mysql privledges
2000-06-14 ivanupdate link for mysql database creation. i sure wish...
2000-06-14 ivanno longer need to modify to enable real-time...
2000-06-12 ivansendmail fix from Jeff Finucane
2000-05-13 ivanadd print_batch script from Joel Griffiths
2000-05-13 ivancgisuidsetup takes an Apache object as well as a CGI...
2000-05-13 ivanadd kristian, update joel's entry
2000-05-11 ivanNetscape CCK docuementation
2000-05-10 ivanNetscape CCK autoconfiguration support
2000-04-11 detects mod_perl and calls appropriate exit...
2000-04-03 ivanaccept anything in ARGV for -d Date::Parse
2000-03-06 ivanbetter error message. bah.
2000-03-06 ivansync up with working versoin
2000-03-06 ivanfinally get MySQL locking working for ICRADIUS export
2000-03-06 ivanbackout silly change
2000-03-06 ivanbug in IPC::Open3 documentation?
2000-03-06 ivans/sshopen2/sshopen3/ to prevent spurious mysql "Enter...
2000-03-06 ivaneek
2000-03-06 ivanoop
2000-03-06 ivans/icradiusmachine/machine/