2004-04-11 ivanupdate unearned revenue report based on feedback from...
2004-04-09 ivanthank goodness its friday
2004-04-09 ivanreally properly disable RT where not using
2004-04-09 ivanproperly disable RT where not using
2004-04-09 ivanoops, this one too
2004-04-09 ivanfs_passwd.cgi
2004-04-08 ivanfix psql command line options for older pg
2004-04-08 ivanfix quotes
2004-04-08 ivandon't enable by default
2004-04-08 ivanremove accidentally doubled lines in usage inst
2004-04-08 ivanbeginning of RT integration
2004-04-08 ivancomment out xmlrpc server until it is ready
2004-04-07 ivanoops, update the usage too
2004-04-07 ivanadded options to select username, svcnum, svcpart
2004-04-07 ivanautomatically update reverse-ARPA records (Bug#462...
2004-04-07 ivanjavascript confirm when slaving a domain
2004-04-07 ivanimport Net::Whois::Raw into install/5.005 directory...
2004-04-07 ivanargh, the glob itself is tainted under 5.005
2004-04-07 ivanmake -T happy (under old perl?)
2004-04-06 ivanupdate ISPMan commands
2004-04-05 ivanadd a domain pulldown to svc_acct linking, closes:...
2004-04-05 ivanapply some heuristics to transfer ordering: primaries...
2004-04-05 ivanadd whois functionality internally instead of linking...
2004-04-04 ivanadd cust_pkg-change_svcpart option to optionally allow...
2004-04-04 ivancomment out extraneous warning
2004-04-03 ivanUI: stop making things small for no reason
2004-04-02 ivanremove Pragma:no-cache header, and set Content-Length...
2004-04-02 ivanadd a fake .pdf extension to placate some versions...
2004-04-02 ivanadd option to set (r)ndc command
2004-04-01 ivanfix paths to ispman commands
2004-04-01 ivanremove extraneous html
2004-04-01 ivanoops!
2004-04-01 ivanadd a yesterday column and a total row, closes: Bug#797
2004-04-01 ivanget sub-countries from Locale::SubCountry now
2004-03-30 ivanlittle more explanation about editing Pg dumps
2004-03-30 ivanmutex the bill and collect functions per-customer
2004-03-30 ivanadd -s and -c flags, add ipv6 default zones to list...
2004-03-29 ivanfreebsd pw(1) fixed in 4.10 also
2004-03-29 ivanfix export_info sub to return an empty hashref instead...
2004-03-27 khoffCancel services in a particular order to get around...
2004-03-26 ivandepend on Storable 2.09
2004-03-26 ivandon't depend on Net::Telnet unless necessary
2004-03-25 ivantypo from refactoring
2004-03-25 ivanfirst pass at ISPMan integration
2004-03-25 ivanfreebsd fix will be in 5.3 and later only so far, still...
2004-03-24 ivancatch misconfigured exports
2004-03-24 ivanmove export info to the modules themselves
2004-03-24 ivanmove export info to the modules themselves
2004-03-24 ivanadding passwdfile export base class
2004-03-24 ivanupdate example export for the new world of export data...
2004-03-24 ivanadd missing compile tests
2004-03-23 ivansmall UI fix for unapplied partial credits
2004-03-23 ivansmall UI fix for unapplied partial credits
2004-03-23 ivanmake Apache::ASP includes work as expected
2004-03-23 ivanincludes fix
2004-03-23 ivanincludes with Apache::ASP
2004-03-23 ivanone-time credit card and ACH payments (like self-servic...
2004-03-23 ivanfix sorting of NULL companies differently than empty...
2004-03-22 ivanconsistant title size of 6
2004-03-22 ivanadd ACH help graphic
2004-03-22 ivantone down the titles
2004-03-22 ivans/routing code/routing number/
2004-03-22 ivancredit card expiration selection now -> 15 years instea...
2004-03-22 ivanremove everything that links to package view also,...
2004-03-22 ivanfurther small UI tweaks
2004-03-22 ivanyay! remove package view entirely (closes: Bug#569)
2004-03-22 ivanmuch easier to understand listing of credits/payments...
2004-03-19 ivanuse FS::svc_domain explicitly
2004-03-18 ivanquote already-crypted passwords to prevent variable...
2004-03-18 ivandon't re-encrypt password on replace also
2004-03-18 ivanadd -b option
2004-03-18 ivandon't re-crypt encrypted passwords
2004-03-18 ivanrequire Storable minimum 2.09
2004-03-17 ivanfixup password checking to understand old-style *SUSPEN...
2004-03-17 ivanskip root user and anyone with *LK* or NP accounts
2004-03-17 ivanfix multiple svcparts
2004-03-17 ivanallow multiple svcparts
2004-03-17 ivanre-enable prompting
2004-03-17 ivanadd -d and -r options
2004-03-17 ivanproper self-service login supporting plaintext, crypt...
2004-03-16 ivanrt-setup-database, not rt-initialize-database
2004-03-16 ivanmasonstatedir can't be configured form ./configure...
2004-03-16 ivanand finally, run the ./configure
2004-03-16 ivanuse a proper delimter
2004-03-16 ivantransposition
2004-03-16 ivanautogenerate rt/config.layout file
2004-03-16 ivanconfig.layout needs to be generated
2004-03-16 ivaninitial RT targets
2004-03-16 ivaninitial (hopefully rather unobtrusive) patch
2004-03-16 ivanrecognize DBD::mysqlPP
2004-03-16 ivandont want to error out here
2004-03-15 ivansignup is now just a wrapper around self-service
2004-03-13 ivanreally add the necessary backslashes this time, fix...
2004-03-13 ivanoops
2004-03-13 ivanautomatically set Mason comp_root in Makefile
2004-03-13 ivanfix suse document root
2004-03-12 ivanadd unapplycredits configuration option
2004-03-12 ivanfix title
2004-03-12 ivanadd history tables to field change upgrade instructions...
2004-03-12 ivanadd badly-named new report