2007-02-08 jeffhold off until 1.7.2
2007-02-08 ivanfix the popup progress bars, whew
2007-02-08 jeffagent type on package add/edit (ticket 1446)
2007-02-07 ivanonly use new statements as payment receipts if the...
2007-02-05 ivanfix payment/credit line-item application erroring out...
2007-02-05 ivanturn debugging on until we catch the Cant call method...
2007-02-05 ivanmove the due_events import too... whew! this should...
2007-02-05 ivanfix param passing
2007-02-05 ivanfix st00pid mistakes in batch upload
2007-02-05 ivanmisterminated <%init>
2007-02-05 ivanremove refactored code
2007-02-05 ivanremove unused svc_Smart
2007-02-05 ivanadd "over X days" option to receivables report
2007-02-05 ivanC is for Cookie^WControl
2007-02-05 ivannot supporting Apache::ASP anymore
2007-02-05 ivanshow RADIUS usage from last bill to NOW, instead of...
2007-02-05 ivanupon first download, have batches auto-set amount to...
2007-02-05 ivanmove cust_pay_batch::upload results subroutine to an...
2007-02-04 ivanadd link to some batched payment info to customer view
2007-02-04 ivanquieter
2007-02-03 ivanthis should fix services with negative num_avail showin...
2007-02-03 ivanremove debugging left on
2007-02-03 ivanadd customer status column to customer & most other...
2007-02-03 jeffdo a setfixed
2007-02-02 ivanquiet a harmless but loud warning
2007-02-02 ivanset resellser-specific advertising sources in signup
2007-02-01 jeffoops. perhaps it should
2007-02-01 jeffspurious line
2007-02-01 ivanfix up the info passing for optional packages
2007-02-01 jeffbetter solution to ticket 1455
2007-02-01 ivaneliminate \\* in the cheesy latex->html notes thing
2007-01-31 jeffpossible solution to ticket 1455
2007-01-31 khoffDon't break if we're missing Net::SNMP. Apparenty...
2007-01-31 khoffMeta-export to allow more flexibilty until the export...
2007-01-31 khoffFS::part_export::router
2007-01-31 jeffminor improvement
2007-01-31 jeffsmall change in payment receipt handling (ticket 1422)
2007-01-31 ivanminor UI work on one-time charges w/taxclasses
2007-01-31 jeffodds and ends
2007-01-31 ivanthis should be a popup too, but, until then, it shouldn...
2007-01-30 ivanfix agent-specific logos in emailed html invoices
2007-01-30 jeffavoiding brane pane
2007-01-30 ivanits all about control
2007-01-30 ivanfix old-record detection bug in option_Common
2007-01-30 jeffonly add first user to invoicing_list (ticket 1424)
2007-01-30 jeffadditional info available for self-service success...
2007-01-29 ivanputting the C in ACL
2007-01-29 ivancorrect a typo, and <%init> helps alot
2007-01-29 ivanrecord resolution & colro depth in user prefs
2007-01-29 ivanturn off debugging
2007-01-29 ivanfix invoice email display bug on advanced package repor...
2007-01-29 ivanwarnings in <%once> sections should not be fatal
2007-01-29 ivanremove extraneous debugging
2007-01-29 ivanlooks like a duck
2007-01-28 ivanpretty up domain zone viewing a little
2007-01-26 ivanout of scope bad
2007-01-26 ivanspurious password changes bad...
2007-01-26 ivanoops, debugging turned on
2007-01-26 ivantop bar option!
2007-01-25 ivanfuck. you. IE7.
2007-01-25 ivanfuck. you. IE7.
2007-01-24 ivan00 = sale, 01 = pre-auth. we need the former
2007-01-24 jeffsquarely between shame in you and so close
2007-01-23 jeffnotices before first charge on flat_delayed
2007-01-23 ivaneven have 4 digit zips in there eek
2007-01-23 ivanremove spurious duplicateion from lineitem patch
2007-01-23 ivanfix PREP payby
2007-01-23 ivanhave to use payinfo_Mixin if we're going to ISA it
2007-01-22 ivanhalfass v2 too
2007-01-22 ivanhopefully this should be the last bit of the relative...
2007-01-22 ivanclosing tags helps alot
2007-01-22 ivanfix elements/ links here too
2007-01-22 ivaninterpolation helps alot
2007-01-22 ivanuse $fsurl instead of relative ../ addressing
2007-01-22 ivanaccept CVV2 on self-service manual payment screen
2007-01-21 ivanHave lineitem-specific applications happen in all cases...
2007-01-21 ivanadd dependancy on DBIx::SB 1.36 for Pg 8.1+
2007-01-21 ivanmod_perl v2, it finally happened
2007-01-21 ivantrim leading & trailing whitespace from service searches
2007-01-21 ivanfix svc_url to work no matter where we are coming from...
2007-01-20 jeffstrip all blank lines, not just trailing ones
2007-01-19 jeffwork around CSV brokenness
2007-01-19 jeffblank password on error
2007-01-19 jeffno password in html source on employee edit
2007-01-18 ivanfix zip parsing for batch results - don't want to abort...
2007-01-17 ivanfix crypted password bug cause by recent fix to not...
2007-01-17 jefflink to customer from manual payment screen (ticket...
2007-01-17 jefffix bug wrt suspend/cancel reasons (suspends fail in...
2007-01-17 jeffnoise reduction
2007-01-17 jefffix suspend link
2007-01-17 jeffemployee edit (ticket 1412)
2007-01-16 jeffrevert unnecessary changes for ticket 1364
2007-01-16 jeffRT vs Pg8 (ticket 1364)
2007-01-16 ivanhave signup package list respect agentnum sent from...
2007-01-15 jeffthat was DUM
2007-01-15 ivanadd batch expiration date incrementer for 295
2007-01-15 ivanadd descriptions for batchconfig-PAP and batchconfig...
2007-01-12 jeffadded svc_broadband description which is appended to...
2007-01-12 jeffone-time charge enhancements
2007-01-10 ivanadd "select all" and "unselect" all buttons to bulk...