2003-09-05 ivan-w-safe and run under a 1.4 schema too
2003-09-03 ivanlist extraneous services, closes: #213
2003-09-03 ivanturn off query debugging
2003-09-03 ivanturn vfieldpart_hashref into a method, not a subroutine
2003-09-03 ivanopenbsd also uses sane useradd/mod/del commands
2003-09-03 ivanmakefile trivia for openbsd
2003-08-21 ivanwoody backports
2003-08-21 ivaniffy
2003-08-21 ivanwoody
2003-08-08 ivan- fix possible glitch with Mason on account view screen
2003-08-08 ivan- (finish) includes! (closes: Bug#551)
2003-08-08 ivan- fix Mason profiling to pass-through images (for graph/)
2003-08-07 ivan- turn on profiling with mason like with Apache::ASP...
2003-08-07 ivan- switch to mason by default
2003-08-05 ivandoh, revert stuff that shouldn't have been checked in
2003-08-05 ivanno svc_acct_sm in 1.5
2003-08-05 ivanupdate sqlradius{_withdomain} documentation
2003-08-05 ivanremove spurious re-use of $error
2003-08-05 ivanbackwards compatibility if the schema hasn't been updated
2003-08-05 khoffFixed %%%VERSION%%% tag
2003-08-05 khoffVirtual field merge
2003-08-05 khoffVirtual field merge
2003-07-25 ivantypo
2003-07-25 ivandoc
2003-07-23 ivanbugfix for non-catchall domains
2003-07-23 ivanfix spurious "can't purchase pkgpart" errors
2003-07-17 ivanone last tiny bugfix for the retry_realtime functionality
2003-07-16 ivanUI
2003-07-16 ivanshow totals in payment report
2003-07-15 ivanreverting to vendor branch rt 3.0.4, hopefully
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanimport of rt 3.0.4
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanimport of sql-ledger 2.0.8 SQL_LEDGER_2_0_8
2003-07-15 ivan1.5.0pre3
2003-07-14 ivanfix bug when both a payment type and date range are...
2003-07-12 ivanremove Gratuitous capitalization
2003-07-12 ivan- better description of payment search
2003-07-11 ivanfix timelocal AUTOLOAD problem introduced by Time:...
2003-07-11 ivanpayments report for inventivemedia / hpnx
2003-07-11 ivantypo
2003-07-11 ivanprovide stack backtrace when we wind up in FS::Record...
2003-07-09 ivanincrease max domain length to 63
2003-07-06 ivandon't bother displaying comments that are only whitespa...
2003-07-04 ivanadding
2003-07-04 ivanremoving obsolete file
2003-07-04 ivanadding states
2003-07-04 ivanremoving ancient cybercash example
2003-07-04 ivanproperly pass init_popstate to error pages
2003-07-04 ivanadd "initial_popstate" option to signup server
2003-07-04 ivandon't add extra blank pop
2003-07-04 ivantypo
2003-07-04 ivandon't populate the whole initial list if there are...
2003-07-04 ivanoptimize javascript to handle large numbers of POPs
2003-07-03 ivanworking DBIx::Profile again
2003-07-02 ivantyop
2003-07-02 ivanrelaxed "first package" restrictions; will find any...
2003-07-02 ivanchange license to GPL only
2003-07-01 ivanlarger textareas in export options
2003-07-01 ivantypo
2003-06-30 ivanbugfix for manual re-charging changes (Bug#423)
2003-06-30 ivanpass additional fields to ACH processors (Authorize...
2003-06-30 ivanremoving deprecated freeside-overdue
2003-06-30 ivanadding sqlradius_withdomain export including realms...
2003-06-30 ivanincrease maximum domain length to 67
2003-06-27 ivanadd radius-ip configuration parameter for Framed-IP...
2003-06-25 ivanPg 7.3 incompatibility with empty dates in Failed Invoi...
2003-06-25 ivansvc_acct doc update
2003-06-25 ivanforward_shellcommands update: might work now
2003-06-24 ivandisplay full POP numbers in signup server - patch from...
2003-06-24 ivanexplicitly use the necessary modules
2003-06-22 ivanfix the credit card retry on change or manual "retry_ca...
2003-06-22 ivanskip pg_ tables also (ewww, showing up in reverse-engin...
2003-06-22 ivanskip history tables that exist already; easier to re...
2003-06-14 ivancust_bill2 index
2003-06-14 ivanadd index on cust_bill._date
2003-06-14 ivan\n\n between virtualhost entries
2003-06-13 ivan$new_quoted_password vs. $quoted_new__password
2003-06-13 ivanproper command escape for vpopmail export
2003-06-13 ivanmissing semi
2003-06-13 ivancorrect stickiness for checkbox options on export edit
2003-06-13 ivanpass vpopmail passwords on command-line (unfortunately)
2003-06-13 ivanfull path to vpopmail commands
2003-06-13 ivanadd vpopmail presets to shellcommands_withdomain export
2003-06-12 ivan/bin/halt and /sbin/halt
2003-06-12 ivantyop
2003-06-12 ivanbetter error handling for re-imports
2003-06-12 ivanremove overly-verbose debugging for now
2003-06-12 ivan"doc"
2003-06-12 ivanarg
2003-06-12 ivandebugging
2003-06-12 ivanupdate for long table names; use sequence name directly...
2003-06-12 ivanmoo
2003-06-12 ivanadding fix-sequences
2003-06-12 ivan_default_ default now sets GECOS like the OS-defaults
2003-06-12 ivansqlradius doc update; don't need to allow null OP columns
2003-06-11 khoffIn scalar context, smtpsend returns the number of addre...
2003-06-11 khoffWe're passing a list here, not one argument.
2003-06-09 ivanadd "$ignore_quantity" bypass
2003-06-09 ivandocumentation update from "Jesse D. Guardiani" <jesse...