[freeside.git] / httemplate /
2004-04-07 ivanjavascript confirm when slaving a domain
2004-04-05 ivanadd a domain pulldown to svc_acct linking, closes:...
2004-04-05 ivanapply some heuristics to transfer ordering: primaries...
2004-04-05 ivanadd whois functionality internally instead of linking...
2004-04-04 ivancomment out extraneous warning
2004-04-03 ivanUI: stop making things small for no reason
2004-04-02 ivanremove Pragma:no-cache header, and set Content-Length...
2004-04-02 ivanadd a fake .pdf extension to placate some versions...
2004-04-01 ivanremove extraneous html
2004-04-01 ivanoops!
2004-04-01 ivanadd a yesterday column and a total row, closes: Bug#797
2004-03-30 ivanlittle more explanation about editing Pg dumps
2004-03-24 ivancatch misconfigured exports
2004-03-23 ivansmall UI fix for unapplied partial credits
2004-03-23 ivansmall UI fix for unapplied partial credits
2004-03-23 ivanincludes with Apache::ASP
2004-03-23 ivanone-time credit card and ACH payments (like self-servic...
2004-03-23 ivanfix sorting of NULL companies differently than empty...
2004-03-22 ivanconsistant title size of 6
2004-03-22 ivanadd ACH help graphic
2004-03-22 ivans/routing code/routing number/
2004-03-22 ivanremove everything that links to package view also,...
2004-03-22 ivanfurther small UI tweaks
2004-03-22 ivanyay! remove package view entirely (closes: Bug#569)
2004-03-22 ivanmuch easier to understand listing of credits/payments...
2004-03-17 ivanproper self-service login supporting plaintext, crypt...
2004-03-12 ivanadd unapplycredits configuration option
2004-03-12 ivanfix title
2004-03-12 ivanadd history tables to field change upgrade instructions...
2004-03-12 ivanadd badly-named new report
2004-03-12 ivanfew more 1.4.2 upgrade hints
2004-03-12 ivandocument trouble schema changes backported to 1.4.2
2004-03-12 ivanremove comment
2004-03-11 ivanadd info for ancient Pg versions
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-03-10 khoffExcluded virtual fields weren't being properly masked...
2004-03-10 khoffAdded hide/show customer router link.
2004-03-10 khoffUI cleanup.
2004-03-06 ivandoc
2004-03-05 ivanbeginning of OO reporting interface, create acadia...
2004-03-03 ivangrey out inactive text boxes as well as disable them...
2004-02-28 ivanfor now
2004-02-28 ivanApache::ASP 2.55 required
2004-02-28 ivanstyle
2004-02-28 ivannew setuptax and recurtax fields
2004-02-26 ivancorrect cancel link s/account/mail forward/
2004-02-26 ivandouble quotes are not ASP
2004-02-25 ivanfix up forward editing for new svc_forward.src field
2004-02-25 ivanformatting
2004-02-13 ivantypo
2004-02-13 ivanworkaround for older Pg
2004-02-13 ivanadd mail alias browse to main menu and fix mail alias...
2004-02-13 ivancontinue adding svc_forward.src: make svc_forward.srcsv...
2004-02-13 ivanadd svc_forward.src
2004-02-12 ivanre-email invoice, closes: bug#526 and have print and...
2004-01-31 ivanadd pkg_svc.primary_svc flag to enable an explicit...
2004-01-30 ivannot appropriate
2004-01-28 ivanfix link from service definition browse to services
2004-01-28 ivanadd service definition browse by number of active services
2004-01-23 ivanadd prepaid income to main menu and allow arbitrary...
2004-01-23 ivantidy up look
2004-01-23 ivanoops
2004-01-23 ivanfirst try at prepaid income report
2004-01-23 ivanand the same for ship_
2004-01-23 ivanfix state default and set min year to this year, patch...
2004-01-22 ivanreport cancellation errors properly
2004-01-21 ivanfix newline problem in dump
2004-01-21 ivandon't include the _next_ day, just the full ending day
2004-01-20 ivanadd database dump from web interface
2004-01-19 ivantypeset invoice doc update
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite and Locale::SubCountry
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite
2004-01-12 khoffLists are just better sorted.
2004-01-12 khoff$pvf isn't a global.
2004-01-12 ivanonly display "view typeset invoice" when there is an...
2004-01-11 ivantypeset invoice view in web UI uses pdf instead of...
2004-01-11 ivanfix for pdf
2004-01-11 ivanadding
2004-01-10 ivanfix UI: displaying "Add" on invoice event edits
2004-01-09 ivanadd customer number
2004-01-09 ivancredit deletions: need to use Date::Format and FS:...
2004-01-09 ivanadd deletecredits config value to enable deletion of...
2004-01-07 khoffAdded billing plan sql_external for billing services...
2004-01-05 ivanfix other packages by next bill date link
2004-01-04 ivanremove obsolete netscape CCK supportsignup.cgi
2004-01-03 ivanfix heading colspan when there is no agent.disabled...
2003-12-27 ivanpackage reports by agent
2003-12-23 ivanadd svc_external
2003-12-23 ivanadd svc_external
2003-12-22 ivanadd total cards & amount to pending batch screen
2003-12-21 ivanwork even if there are stray type_pkgs records around
2003-12-20 ivanfix inflated advertising source numbers
2003-12-15 ivanprint_ps returns ths invoice now, do not count on latex...
2003-12-14 ivannon-breaking spaces in custoemr view field names
2003-12-10 ivanadd part_referral.disabled, add disabled indices to...
2003-11-30 ivanadd link to view typeset invoice
2003-11-29 ivanadding sql_generic price plan
2003-11-29 ivanpostscript invoice redux
2003-11-24 ivanfix html quoting problems
2003-11-24 ivanfix html quoting of export options