close form tags
[freeside.git] / httemplate / view / cust_main.cgi
2002-06-26 ivanclose form tags
2002-06-26 ivanworking one-time charges
2002-06-10 ivanfinal visual update on package date view
2002-06-10 ivanfixup time display in packages
2002-06-10 ivanadd small time display to dates
2002-05-09 ivans/Referral/Advertising source/
2002-04-05 jeffcredit/refund display correction
2002-02-22 ivanUI work:
2002-02-20 ivandon't display full card in webinterface
2002-02-19 ivanallow custom packages to edit service quantities also
2002-02-10 ivan*finally* seems to be working under Mason. sheesh.
2002-02-10 ivanremoved <!-- $Id$ --> from all files to fix any redirec...
2002-02-10 ivanhide SS# unless you turn it on via config file
2002-02-07 ivandelete payments
2002-01-30 ivanremove
2001-12-27 ivanservice and package disable!
2001-12-26 ivanremove warnings
2001-12-26 ivansearch by check #
2001-12-21 ivanadd name/address to post payment screen
2001-10-30 ivanget rid of header foo in individual templates
2001-10-26 ivancache foo
2001-09-21 ivanshow company and name (instead of just company) for...
2001-09-16 ivanfix oops in FS::cust_main_invoice::replace preventing...
2001-09-11 ivanfix quick order
2001-09-04 ivannew admin documentation, quick one-pkg order
2001-09-03 ivanfix more bugs
2001-09-02 ivanthings are starting to work again, sorta.
2001-09-01 jeffadd cust_credit_bill relating multiple invoices to...
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals!
2001-08-13 ivandon't display empty comment box
2001-08-11 ivanadd customer comments fields
2001-07-30 ivanshipping address additions
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!!!