per-agent invoice PDF batches, RT#13727
[freeside.git] / httemplate / elements / menu.html
2011-07-20 ivanper-agent invoice PDF batches, RT#13727
2011-07-01 levinseadd employee audit report, RT13350
2011-06-21 levinsere-write RADIUS groups, RT13274
2011-06-03 levinsenew msgcat browse/edit, RT12515
2011-06-03 ivani18n: fix our menu when included from RT
2011-05-22 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-20 marklogging of template-generated mail, #12809
2011-05-19 ivanremove obsolete reports -> customers -> search customer...
2011-05-19 ivanbetter menu entries for tax reports
2011-05-15 levinsetorrus access rights, RT10574
2011-05-15 levinsetorrus: add new access rights, add SNMP community optio...
2011-05-13 levinsecreate a Sales, Credits, and Receipts report broken...
2011-05-11 ivani18n, RT#12515
2011-05-04 levinseadd USPS-unvalidated customer addresses report, RT12402
2011-05-04 levinseconfig to show payment history report, RT7694
2011-04-27 markRT mobile UI, #11630
2011-04-18 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-04-01 marksvc_hardware and svc_dish, #11454
2011-03-21 ivanfix PBX and DSL capitalization in menu, add qualifictio...
2011-02-27 ivantorrus virtual ports, RT#10574
2011-02-17 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-02-13 levinsebulk DID orders and inventory, RT11291
2011-01-18 levinseadded DID availability/inventory/provisioning report...
2011-01-12 ivans/Process invoice batchs/Download invoice batches/...
2010-12-30 levinseadd customer accounting summary report, RT10911
2010-12-30 levinseunprovisioned services by type report, RT10255
2010-12-29 ivantorrus , RT#10574
2010-12-17 ivanadd cust_main-external_links and menu-prepend_links...
2010-12-10 levinseimplement customer note classes, RT9995
2010-11-20 ivantime worked summary report, RT#7573
2010-11-09 levinseadd phone number search report, RT10464
2010-11-03 ivanadd phone number search to menu, RT#10447
2010-10-14 ivanmore contact work and preliminary business card upload
2010-10-10 ivanfix documentation link for 2.1
2010-09-22 markunapplied payment/refund/credit reports, RT#7503
2010-09-17 markemail_search_result for cust_pkg and svc_broadband...
2010-08-18 markSuspension/unsuspension report, RT#8464
2010-08-09 ivanpackage web import from CSV/XLS, RT#9529
2010-08-05 markPackage summary report, RT#8461
2010-07-22 ivanallow Configuration ACL to edit templates, RT#8324
2010-07-22 markcdr rating by day and time, part 2, RT#4763
2010-07-15 ivancustomer tags, RT#9192
2010-07-12 ivanmessage templates, RT#8896
2010-06-08 markRT#947: batch download of invoice PDFs
2010-05-26 markRT#8460: inventory activity report
2010-05-21 ivanreporting on agent inventory, RT#7010
2010-05-20 ivanagent virt inventory, RT#7010
2010-05-20 ivannicer styling for the menus
2010-05-18 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2010-04-08 markRT#1382: beginning of package cost report
2010-04-05 ivanadd employee commission report to menu, RT#6991
2010-03-20 ivanmore RT integration / reskin / 2.1, RT#6640
2010-03-20 ivanmore RT integration / reskin / 2.1, RT#6640
2010-03-19 ivanskin RT 3.8, slight new look for 2.1, RT#6640
2010-02-06 ivandiscount reporting, RT#6679
2010-01-30 ivandiscounts, RT#6679
2009-12-31 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2009-12-31 ivanprospecting: proper contact error handling when you...
2009-12-29 markAdd Browse attachments ACL (RT#4964)
2009-12-28 ivanbeginning of prospect/CRM/contact work
2009-12-18 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2009-12-14 markAdd access right to view attachments
2009-11-24 ivanadd date constratint on time worked search
2009-11-17 ivanadd refund report, RT#6407
2009-11-17 markcust_attachment improvement, RT#4964 and #6225
2009-10-29 ivancustomer classification, RT#6376
2009-08-27 ivanoops, tax class menu item got lost
2009-08-24 jeffadd rated call sales report and option to sales report...
2009-07-27 ivanvoided payment report, RT#5786
2009-07-12 ivanresolve style weirdness (fallout from RT integration...
2009-07-12 ivanupdate tickting config descriptions
2009-07-09 ivanunapplied payments report, RT#4861
2009-07-08 ivanborg RT menus, RT#1169
2009-06-30 jeffdocumentation corrections
2009-06-30 ivandisabling a taxclass, RT#5472
2009-06-30 ivanphone devices (for netsapiens integration), RT#5226
2009-06-29 jeffFCC form 477 reporting #4912
2009-06-18 markFix receivables report ACL checks and menu
2009-06-17 markAdded separate access right for receivables report
2009-05-04 ivanadd menu item and page for d/ling and edit rates with...
2009-04-23 jeffautodownload and update of cch tax data
2009-02-16 ivanadd reporting on (and resolution of) stuck pending...
2009-02-01 ivanyow, don't hide the config menu unnecessarily
2008-10-16 ivanadd batch-enable_payby and realtime_disable_payby for...
2008-09-30 jeffsimple reporting for new tax system
2008-09-15 ivanadd internal did database & ability to query for availa...
2008-09-03 jeffnew access right names
2008-08-23 jeffadd usage classes to rate details
2008-08-14 ivanimport customer from Excel file too
2008-06-28 jeffagent virtualize address blocks and routers
2008-06-19 jeffpackage categories (meta package classes) and grouping...
2008-04-17 ivanthis is more accurate
2008-04-09 ivanadd a menu entry for the new tax stuff
2008-04-01 jeffcheckpoint of new tax rating system
2008-03-27 ivanadd back raw SQL query (it had an appropriate ACL)
2008-03-16 ivanhide customer search if user does not have "List custom...
2008-03-02 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-03-02 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-01-25 jeffsimple payment CSV import
2008-01-10 ivannew rate editor