optimize CDR rating after timed rate perf regression, RT#15739
[freeside.git] / httemplate / edit /
2011-12-30 marktrack/update census codes by year, #15381
2011-12-28 markbroadband_nas export, #15284
2011-12-28 ivanfix bill day selection w/echeck, RT#15763
2011-12-19 ivantower for svc_acct, RT#15538
2011-12-15 ivanusability for msgcat editing: redirect back to the...
2011-12-15 ivanusability for msgcat editing: redirect back to the...
2011-12-14 ivanusability for msgcat editing: redirect back to the...
2011-12-14 ivanbetter message catalog editing
2011-12-13 ivanadd latitude/longitude to prospects, customers and...
2011-12-10 ivantower tracking, RT#15538
2011-12-07 markminor refactor and better safeguards on term discounts...
2011-11-25 ivanminor cleanup, RT#15017
2011-11-23 markRADIUS group attributes, #15017
2011-11-14 ivanrate tiers for vnes, RT#14903
2011-11-11 markRADIUS groups for svc_broadband, #14695
2011-11-10 markRADIUS groups for svc_broadband, #14695
2011-10-31 markexport NAS table to sqlradius, #14697
2011-10-30 ivanadd svc_dsl.gateway_access_number
2011-10-28 ivanfix visual glitch editing accounts, wtf
2011-10-19 ivanfix add'l package order from self-service
2011-10-17 ivanremove echeck-no_routing, never should have been there...
2011-10-16 ivanadd do_not_call, RT#12981
2011-10-14 ivanmaintain freeradius nas table, RT#14697
2011-10-06 ivanadd dsl_device to track mac addresses, RT#13656
2011-09-27 ivanadd cust_main.mobile and ship_mobile to support uniserv...
2011-09-16 markinvoice template and config localization, #12367
2011-08-16 ivanoops, fix edit redirect fallout from multiple DID provi...
2011-08-12 ivanfix census geocoding, RT#14060
2011-08-10 ivanmultiple DID provisioning, RT#13721
2011-08-06 ivanecheck options to hide routing number and add account...
2011-08-05 markmessage template localization, #13601
2011-07-31 markclean attachment filenames, #13843
2011-07-31 markmore tolerant installation note fields, #13827
2011-07-21 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2011-07-14 ivanfix labels for cdr_squelch depending on conf setting...
2011-07-14 ivanfix slight i18n UI fallout w/one time charges
2011-07-12 ivanfix UI for package editing w/recur_show_zero, add setup...
2011-07-07 levinseadd a per-package disable_line_item_date_ranges option...
2011-07-07 levinsevarious DID inventory changes, RT12754
2011-07-06 levinsemodify backdated payment application behaviour, RT11870
2011-07-01 levinseRADIUS group enhancements, overlimit_groups changes...
2011-06-30 levinsere-write RADIUS groups, RT13274
2011-06-29 levinsere-write RADIUS groups, RT13274
2011-06-28 ivanadd no export option to bulk service changes, RT#13439
2011-06-27 ivanfix svc_acct-no_edit_username, RT#13416
2011-06-27 markself-service ticket priority and edit subject, #13199
2011-06-23 ivanadd svc_acct-no_edit_username config, RT#13416
2011-06-23 levinseecheck: add optional bank branch format, RT13360
2011-06-23 levinseecheck: add optional bank branch format, RT13360
2011-06-23 levinseadd optional fcc_ds0s to pkg_class, RT13057
2011-06-21 levinseFCC 477 form improvements, RT13057
2011-06-21 levinsere-write RADIUS groups, RT13274
2011-06-16 ivanadd default_agentnum config, RT#13302
2011-06-16 levinseinternationalization/localization
2011-06-14 levinseconfigurable payment date for auto CHEK/CARD, RT10813
2011-06-10 levinsesvc_broadband add/edit: configurable require co-ordinat...
2011-06-10 ivanadd package def option to show $0 recurring on invoices...
2011-06-09 levinseconfigurable payment date for auto CHEK/CARD, RT10813
2011-06-08 levinseDID inventory/import / bulk DID orders - phase 2, RT12754
2011-06-03 levinsenew msgcat browse/edit, RT12515
2011-06-03 levinseper-customer configurable payment date for auto CHEK...
2011-06-03 ivanmissing preliminary msgcat.html, RT#12515
2011-06-03 levinseconfigurable alternate field order for cust edit, RT13102
2011-06-03 levinseprevent en_US msgcat from being edited, RT12515
2011-06-03 levinseconfigurable payment date for auto CHEK/CARD, RT10813
2011-05-30 levinseoptional better visibility for invoicing email field...
2011-05-27 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-27 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-26 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-23 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-22 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-15 levinsetorrus access rights, RT10574
2011-05-11 ivani18n, RT#12515
2011-05-09 ivanclarify squelch_cdr label
2011-05-09 levinsefix UI bugs in accountcode billing implementation,...
2011-04-30 markbetter error handling in google export, #12064
2011-04-30 marksvc_dish fixes, #11454
2011-04-29 levinseadd import mode to Ikano
2011-04-29 levinseapply discount to setup fees, part 1 of 2, RT11512
2011-04-29 marksvc_dish and svc_hardware fixes, #11454
2011-04-27 levinsetaqua accountcode billing, part 1 of 2, RT12181
2011-04-25 levinseadd waive setup fee upon package order feature, RT12568
2011-04-24 levinseadd per-customer configurable billing date, RT10813
2011-04-22 levinsebulk DID orders/inventory improvements, RT11291
2011-04-18 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-04-15 levinseFS/FS/msa.pm
2011-04-13 levinseadd config option to disable auto-application of credit...
2011-04-13 levinsefix region group billing, RT8951
2011-04-12 markmake company_phonenum available to templates, #12363
2011-04-12 ivanadd disable_payauto_default conf, RT#12431
2011-04-11 levinseimprovements to bulk DID orders, RT11291
2011-04-08 ivanfix edits of customers with tokenized cards, RT#12353
2011-04-08 ivandon't lose torrus_srvderive.last_srv_date on edit
2011-04-06 levinsebulk DID order/inventory improvements, RT11291
2011-04-01 marksvc_hardware and svc_dish, #11454
2011-03-28 ivanfinish existing customer dsl order, RT#7111
2011-03-27 ivanbetter prospect -> customer conversion, RT#7111
2011-03-26 ivanvisual glitch
2011-03-22 ivannew customer from prospect qualification, RT#7111
2011-03-21 ivanresidential prospects, RT#7111