-w-safe and run under a 1.4 schema too
[freeside.git] / httemplate / edit / part_svc.cgi
2003-09-05 ivan-w-safe and run under a 1.4 schema too
2003-08-05 khoffVirtual field merge
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-01-13 ivanwhitespace inconsistancy causing extraneous diffs
2002-12-16 ivanfix for Pg 7.3, are there others?
2002-10-25 ivanshow export numbers
2002-10-21 ivandon't disable for all items
2002-10-21 ivanPrevent a fixed or default username or password from...
2002-09-17 ivanremove svc_acct_sm
2002-09-09 khoffsvc_broadband merge
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-06-15 ivanmark@pc-intouch.com: exporttype2svcdb removal
2002-05-31 khoffAdded support for part_exports that are used with more...
2002-05-16 ivanservice definition cloning
2002-04-12 ivan- should finish off the part_svc -> part_export s/one...
2002-03-23 ivanokay group editing UI as well as part_svc group editing...
2002-03-22 ivanRADIUS groups on the way!
2002-03-12 ivanabstract stupid HTML layer trick out to HTML::Widgets...
2002-02-18 ivanbad warning, causing errors with strict
2002-02-18 ivanfix modified <SELECT>s under netcape4, use one for...
2002-02-12 ivanred warning for unknown type :)
2002-02-12 ivanservice definition domsvc is now a domain pulldown
2002-02-10 ivan*finally* seems to be working under Mason. sheesh.
2002-02-10 ivanremoved <!-- $Id$ --> from all files to fix any redirec...
2002-01-30 ivanremove
2001-12-27 ivanservice and package disable!
2001-10-15 ivanprice plans web gui 1st pass, oh my
2001-09-11 ivanforgot closing form tag, breaks ie, others?
2001-09-11 ivanfix service editing
2001-09-11 ivancyrus support
2001-09-11 ivanfaster (cached) fuzzy searches
2001-09-06 ivanfinally fix part_svc!!!
2001-09-04 ivannew admin documentation, quick one-pkg order
2001-08-30 ivanslighly more docu
2001-08-19 jeffadded user interface for svc_forward and vpopmail support
2001-08-11 ivanbetter error checking, fix scalar context to $cgi-...
2001-08-11 ivandon't have any other choices in svcdb dropdown for...
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!!!