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2011-10-25 ivanretire erik and jason from core
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2011-05-17 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-16 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
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2011-03-22 ivan2.3.0
2011-03-15 ivanhappy new year
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2011-01-13 ivanadd erik to core, move jeff and richard to emeritus
2010-12-27 ivantorrus, RT#10574
2010-09-11 ivanadd Erik to credits
2010-07-20 ivan2.1.1
2010-07-01 ivanHe's gone
2010-05-25 ivan2.1.0
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2010-03-20 ivanmore RT integration / reskin / 2.1, RT#6640
2010-03-19 ivanskin RT 3.8, slight new look for 2.1, RT#6640
2010-03-11 ivanMark Wells is now a member of the core team. Kristian...
2010-03-05 ivanmoved to wiki
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2009-08-12 ivanslight about/credits UI tweak
2009-06-04 ivanfix scrolling
2009-06-04 ivan$core->add("jeremyd");
2009-04-17 ivanAFFERO BITCHES
2009-04-17 ivanwhat time is now
2009-03-17 ivanadd eps preview to config, for RT#5025
2008-07-09 ivanfix famfamfam link
2008-05-09 ivanfinish usps address standardization
2008-04-15 ivanit's april 15th, and i sure do.
2008-04-09 ivanoops, adding explicit AGPL.html
2008-04-02 ivanslight browser adjustments and DONE
2008-04-02 ivanslightly taller
2008-04-02 ivanupdated credits and license
2008-04-02 ivanadding about.html splash
2008-04-01 ivanadding license and credits in app itself
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2007-02-15 ivanremoving docs moved to wiki
2006-12-29 ivanlink more docs to wiki
2006-10-18 ivanremoving obsolete config.html, moving info from export...
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2006-10-14 ivanmove signup/self-service install to wiki
2006-08-23 ivanWill things ever be the same again?
2006-08-22 ivanget rid of old upgrade instructions
2006-08-21 ivanwe're off to see the wiki, the wonderful wiki of oz
2006-08-09 jeffbatch refactor
2006-06-27 ivangoing to wikiland
2006-05-20 jefffirst stab at BoM download
2006-05-07 ivanfirst pass at sales reports per agent and package class
2006-04-18 ivanadd JSON to initial install instructions
2006-02-18 ivanMason it is
2006-02-16 ivanautomate more of the initial data adding...
2006-02-08 ivanremove ancient upgrade instructions
2006-02-08 ivanslightly html-ize the 1.5.8 upgrade instructions
2006-01-05 ivanmy last 1.4 -> 1.5 upgrade...
2005-12-03 ivanadd Term::ReadKey to install & upgrade docs and README...
2005-12-02 ivanand Net::Whois::Raw
2005-12-02 ivannote DBIx::DBSchema 0.29 is required for Pg 7.2.x and...
2005-12-02 ivanapache instructions already up top
2005-11-22 ivancorrect common misconception RIGHT THERE in the docs
2005-11-21 ivanload schema in current dia and save, should load up...
2005-11-09 ivanclosing paren
2005-11-08 ivanbah
2005-10-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2005-10-10 ivanupdated quick payment entry
2005-10-02 ivanfix leading % causing Mason to barf
2005-09-25 ivanget rid of JSRS iframe foo for progress bar, use XMLHTT...
2005-08-24 ivanneed H:W:SelectLayers 0.05
2005-08-24 ivancustomer edit: abstract out billing info to billing...
2005-08-17 ivaninfrastructure for easier schema changes, and: add...
2005-08-08 ivanadd some docs on signup_server-payby and -realtime...
2005-08-04 ivanadd IPC::Run3 and instructions for adding fs_queue...
2005-07-11 ivannote alternate instructions for 0pre6->7
2005-07-05 ivantyop
2005-06-22 ivanadd IPC::Run3 to install docs
2005-05-14 ivanhtml invoices!
2005-05-04 ivangreat new invoice template from kristian!
2005-04-19 ivandid another upgrade, fixed up the instructions
2005-04-10 ivanadd apache snippet to self-service install docs
2005-04-07 ivanancient upgrade fix, oops. thanks Rick Harby <rharby...
2005-04-06 ivancorrect links to some atypically-named CPAN distributions
2005-04-02 ivanherding elephants: add primary keys to *all* tables...
2005-03-31 khoffVery annoying typo. >:-)
2005-03-30 ivanseparate out referring customer info to optional sectio...
2005-03-29 ivanbetter self-service debugging, don't point to install...
2005-03-23 ivannew RT requires Tree::Simple too
2005-03-23 ivanadd HTML::Scrubber to rt install/upgrade docs
2005-03-22 ivansmall fix for indices in upgrade instructions, found...
2005-03-21 khoffAdded support for FAX invoice destinations using a...
2005-03-18 pbowenAdded encrypted fields for Credit Cards, etc... - PB
2005-03-18 ivanselfservice uses HTML::Entities
2005-03-17 ivanFreeside side uses MIME-tools now
2005-03-17 khoffAdded options invoice_email_pdf and invoice_email_pdf_note.
2005-03-12 ivanpopurl(3) won't give us a good freeside base url since...
2005-03-12 ivan- bring prepaid support into this century (close: Bug...
2005-03-11 ivannote about RT_External
2005-03-10 ivanarg
2005-03-10 ivanadd Frontier::RPC to docs too