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2005-05-14 ivanhtml invoices!
2005-05-04 ivangreat new invoice template from kristian!
2005-04-19 ivandid another upgrade, fixed up the instructions
2005-04-10 ivanadd apache snippet to self-service install docs
2005-04-07 ivanancient upgrade fix, oops. thanks Rick Harby <rharby...
2005-04-06 ivancorrect links to some atypically-named CPAN distributions
2005-04-02 ivanherding elephants: add primary keys to *all* tables...
2005-03-31 khoffVery annoying typo. >:-)
2005-03-30 ivanseparate out referring customer info to optional sectio...
2005-03-29 ivanbetter self-service debugging, don't point to install...
2005-03-23 ivannew RT requires Tree::Simple too
2005-03-23 ivanadd HTML::Scrubber to rt install/upgrade docs
2005-03-22 ivansmall fix for indices in upgrade instructions, found...
2005-03-21 khoffAdded support for FAX invoice destinations using a...
2005-03-18 pbowenAdded encrypted fields for Credit Cards, etc... - PB
2005-03-18 ivanselfservice uses HTML::Entities
2005-03-17 ivanFreeside side uses MIME-tools now
2005-03-17 khoffAdded options invoice_email_pdf and invoice_email_pdf_note.
2005-03-12 ivanpopurl(3) won't give us a good freeside base url since...
2005-03-12 ivan- bring prepaid support into this century (close: Bug...
2005-03-11 ivannote about RT_External
2005-03-10 ivanarg
2005-03-10 ivanadd Frontier::RPC to docs too
2005-03-10 ivanadd IO-stringy (IO::Scalar) to instructions
2005-03-09 ivanadd complete apache config instructions for RT, closes...
2005-03-09 ivanpreliminary RT docs
2005-03-06 ivanadd Excel and CSV download of templated reports and...
2005-03-02 khoffInitial version of the xmlrpc interface for freeside.
2005-02-23 ivanupdate docs wrt mysql support
2005-02-08 ivanmake self-service session cache module configurable...
2005-01-29 ivanregistration codes
2005-01-27 ivanDHTML progress bar for glacial rate adding and editing...
2004-12-23 ivanallow NULL zip in some countries
2004-12-23 ivangoing with 6 digit misnamed "npa" for now
2004-12-18 ivanadd info about teTeX and Ghostscript
2004-12-11 ivanupdate install doc
2004-12-10 ivancorrect path to selfservice
2004-12-10 ivanmove the "self-service SSH tunnel" label to avoid ambiguity
2004-12-03 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-22 ivanpromo codes and separate signup addresses for hdn
2004-11-20 ivanfirst pass at VoIP rating
2004-11-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-13 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-07 ivan update install documentation for 1.5 HTML::Mason or...
2004-10-26 ivanslightly more up-to-date docs
2004-10-26 ivanmodular price plans!
2004-10-17 ivanadd options to adjust UI for artera turbo as svc_export
2004-10-16 ivanadd artera turbo export
2004-07-06 ivanadd cust_pay_void table and payment voiding web ui...
2004-06-29 ivancust_pay_refund
2004-06-29 ivanadd cust_pay_refund table to refund payments
2004-06-23 ivanescape html
2004-06-18 ivanrecommend HTML::Mason
2004-06-09 ivanexplicitly specify Apache httpd.conf. fear.
2004-05-26 ivanrequire the version of File::Temp with the OO interface
2004-05-10 ivanfix sequences in upgrade docs?
2004-04-22 ivanminor doc updates
2004-04-05 ivanadd whois functionality internally instead of linking...
2004-03-30 ivanlittle more explanation about editing Pg dumps
2004-03-23 ivanincludes with Apache::ASP
2004-03-22 ivanadd ACH help graphic
2004-03-17 ivanproper self-service login supporting plaintext, crypt...
2004-03-12 ivanadd history tables to field change upgrade instructions...
2004-03-12 ivanfew more 1.4.2 upgrade hints
2004-03-12 ivandocument trouble schema changes backported to 1.4.2
2004-03-12 ivanremove comment
2004-03-11 ivanadd info for ancient Pg versions
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-03-06 ivandoc
2004-02-28 ivanfor now
2004-02-28 ivanApache::ASP 2.55 required
2004-02-25 ivanformatting
2004-02-13 ivanworkaround for older Pg
2004-02-13 ivancontinue adding svc_forward.src: make svc_forward.srcsv...
2004-02-13 ivanadd svc_forward.src
2004-01-31 ivanadd pkg_svc.primary_svc flag to enable an explicit...
2004-01-30 ivannot appropriate
2004-01-19 ivantypeset invoice doc update
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite and Locale::SubCountry
2004-01-12 ivanadd IPC::ShareLite
2004-01-04 ivanremove obsolete netscape CCK supportsignup.cgi
2003-12-23 ivanadd svc_external
2003-12-10 ivanadd part_referral.disabled, add disabled indices to...
2003-11-18 ivanremove thread/PerlIO warning - standard in 5.8.x and...
2003-10-25 ivanbetter link to .INS files documentation
2003-10-24 ivancvv!
2003-10-23 ivanfix cranky verbitage at the top
2003-10-20 ivandaily/weekly billing
2003-10-19 ivanfix CPAN link
2003-10-16 ivanfix Text::Template link
2003-10-09 ivandon't install on a public server!
2003-09-30 ivanagent schema changes
2003-09-30 2.47 required for ->upload() method
2003-09-29 ivanadded agent.disabled
2003-09-26 ivansql
2003-09-25 ivannew per-tax setuptax and recurtax fields
2003-09-25 ivanadd setuptax and recurtax fields to cust_main_county
2003-09-25 ivan1.4.2 upgrade
2003-09-25 ivanupdate upgrade docs for bind exports