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2017-03-21 Christopher BurgerRT# 21110 - fixed bad link on license.html
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2016-10-10 Mark Wellsnew tower/sector UI, mapping features, and network...
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2015-07-12 Ivan Kohlerdoocument jQuery UI inclusion
2015-06-14 Ivan Kohlerng_selfservice excempt from A in AGPL too
2015-06-14 Ivan Kohlerits 2015
2015-05-13 Ivan Kohlermove svc_circuit from Access to Telephony
2015-03-07 Jonathan PrykopRT#29406: Per customer option to display service addres...
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2015-02-08 Ivan Kohlercredit
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2014-11-27 Mark Wellssvc_circuit, #23879, #25933, #30830
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2013-05-14 Ivan Kohlersvc_cable, RT#22009
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2012-06-30 Ivan Kohlermerging RT 4.0.6
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2012-06-20 Ivan Kohlerdon't open freeside homepage in its own window, getting...
2012-05-14 Ivan Kohlerservice def classes, to support corecom portal, RT...
2012-04-04 Ivan Kohleradd brand-agent option, RT#17055
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2012-04-01 Ivan Kohler3.0
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2012-03-14 Mark Wellssvc_hardware MAC address input format, #16266
2012-03-02 Mark Wellsfix svc_broadband upgrade issues, #14698
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2011-12-13 ivanadd latitude/longitude to prospects, customers and...
2011-10-25 ivanretire erik and jason from core
2011-05-17 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
2011-05-16 levinseinternationalization/localization, RT12515
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2011-03-22 ivan2.3.0
2011-03-15 ivanhappy new year
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2011-01-13 ivanadd erik to core, move jeff and richard to emeritus
2010-12-27 ivantorrus, RT#10574
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2010-07-01 ivanHe's gone
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2010-03-20 ivanmore RT integration / reskin / 2.1, RT#6640