cust_refund and cust_pay get custnums
[freeside.git] / httemplate / docs / upgrade8.html
2001-09-02 ivancust_refund and cust_pay get custnums
2001-09-01 ivancust_bill_pay and cust_credit_refund
2001-09-01 jeffhaste makes waste... and left a method out
2001-09-01 jeffadd cust_credit_bill relating multiple invoices to...
2001-08-29 ivancatchall *can* be NULL
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals in singup server
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals!
2001-08-19 ivanindices on cust_main ship_last and ship_country
2001-08-12 jeffmerging vpopmail support branch
2001-08-11 ivanadd comments field
2001-07-30 ivanPg primary key upgrade fix (create fix in new DBIx...
2001-07-30 ivantemplates!!!