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2001-07-25 thalakanAdded documentation for cust_main_invoice.
2001-07-24 ivanautocapnames never worked anyway
2001-06-10 ivandoc
2001-06-03 ivanoops!
2001-06-03 ivan1.3.1!!!
2001-06-03 ivanadd username-letter and username-letterfirst config...
2001-06-03 ivaninline doc clarification
2001-05-30 ivanAdam Rose <adamr@eaze.net>: "In the /edit/part_svc...
2001-05-25 ivantyop forgot closing </a>
2001-05-23 ivansetting up at least one referral is not optional
2001-05-23 ivanbugfix for defaultcountry
2001-05-03 ivandocumentation updates for add'l perl dependencies.
2001-04-25 ivanmissing docs
2001-04-23 ivanfix
2001-04-23 ivanhehe, last minute upgrade instruction fixes
2001-04-23 ivannew API documentation
2001-04-23 ivandocumentation and webdemo updates
2001-04-23 ivanbetter error message (if kludgy) for no referral
2001-04-22 ivanget rid of FS::SSH.pm (became Net::SSH and Net::SCP...
2001-04-22 ivansvc_domain needs to import dbh sub from Record
2001-04-22 ivanupdate postgres examples
2001-04-15 ivandbdef doesn't use mysql-specific syntax
2001-04-15 ivan*** empty log message ***
2001-04-15 ivan*** empty log message ***
2001-04-15 ivanupdate urls
2001-04-15 ivandocumentation updates
2001-04-15 ivanui nit
2001-04-15 ivanBURN OFF EVERY GIF
2001-04-15 ivanbetter docs for the worst bit, finally
2001-04-09 ivanTransactions Part I!!!
2001-04-02 ivanchanged url over at apache.org
2001-03-30 ivanconfig value money_char:
2001-02-21 ivanadd icradius_secrets config file to export to a non...
2001-02-13 ivantyop
2001-02-11 ivanmore doc updates from jason
2001-02-11 ivandocumentation updates from jason
2001-02-07 ivantyop
2001-02-03 ivantime-based prepaid cards, session monitor. woop!
2001-01-31 ivanfix tyops
2001-01-15 ivantyop
2000-12-26 ivanstatedefault & referraldefault config files
2000-12-21 ivanperldoc -f split
2000-12-11 ivanmight as well put this nice picture in the docs
2000-12-08 ivansession callbacks
2000-12-03 ivandirections for webapp session foo
2000-12-03 ivansession monitor updates
2000-12-03 ivanbugfixes from Jeff Finucane <jeff@cmh.net>, thanks!
2000-12-03 ivanpatch from Jason Spence <thalakan@frys.com>: admin...
2000-12-03 ivanbeginnings of web status for session monitor
2000-12-01 ivanoops
2000-11-07 ivansession monitor
2000-10-16 ivanfix typo
2000-08-09 ivandoc updates
2000-08-09 ivantemplatable invoices
2000-07-18 ivandia source
2000-07-17 ivanoops
2000-07-17 ivanfirst shot at invoice browsing and some other cleanups
2000-07-17 ivanbetter error message if a package isn't linked to a...
2000-07-17 ivanbetter error messages if svc_acct or svc_domain records...
2000-07-17 ivandocumentation updates
2000-07-06 ivansupport for radius check attributes (except importing...
2000-07-03 ivanadded sendmailrestart and sendmailconfigpath config...
2000-06-30 ivanmaildisablecatchall config file
2000-06-29 ivanadd sendmailrestart configuration file
2000-06-29 ivansupport for pre-encrypted md5 passwords.
2000-06-28 ivanadd support for config option textradiusprepend
2000-06-28 ivandocumentation oops
2000-06-27 ivani18n
2000-06-20 ivandocumentation update for 1.2.4 release
2000-06-15 ivanchange SSH link from ftp.cs.hut.fi (F-Secure) to openss...
2000-06-15 ivanbugfix from Jeff Finucane, thanks!
2000-06-15 ivanupdate to the inline documentation, hopefully will...
2000-06-14 ivandocumentation updates for mysql privledges
2000-06-14 ivanupdate link for mysql database creation. i sure wish...
2000-06-14 ivanno longer need to modify Bill.pm to enable real-time...
2000-05-13 ivanadd print_batch script from Joel Griffiths
2000-05-11 ivanNetscape CCK docuementation
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export bugfix
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export support
2000-03-05 ivanlink to SISD site for HTTP::Headers::UserAgent instead...
2000-03-03 ivanchanges from 1.2.3 release, fixes from webdemo
2000-03-02 ivanstill need to allow blank expiration dates
2000-02-03 ivanbeginning of DNS and Apache support
2000-02-02 ivanbugfix prepayment in signup server
2000-01-31 ivanprepaid "internet cards"
2000-01-30 ivancredit card expiration dates not sticky bug fixed?
2000-01-30 ivanpostgres 6.5 finally supports decimal(10,2)
2000-01-28 ivantrack full phone number
2000-01-28 ivantrack full phone number
2000-01-28 ivanadd signup server documentation, track full phone number
2000-01-27 ivan5.004_04 workaround
1999-12-17 ivanargh
1999-08-27 ivanpoint to patrick instead of internic!
1999-08-27 ivanbetter error messages
1999-08-23 ivanmissing </TD> flag
1999-08-23 ivanno CGI::Switch for now
1999-08-21 ivanbetter error message for no agents
1999-08-12 ivantypo - missed a paren
1999-08-12 ivanhidecancelledcustomers
1999-08-12 ivanhidecancelledpackages config option