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2000-08-09 ivandoc updates
2000-06-15 ivanchange SSH link from (F-Secure) to openss...
2000-06-14 ivandocumentation updates for mysql privledges
2000-06-14 ivanupdate link for mysql database creation. i sure wish...
2000-02-03 ivanbeginning of DNS and Apache support
2000-01-30 ivanpostgres 6.5 finally supports decimal(10,2)
1999-08-11 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-08-11 ivandocumentation updates
1999-08-05 ivanminor documentation update
1999-08-04 ivanupdated install/upgrade instructions for new perl modul...
1999-08-03 ivanuse Net::Whois;
1999-07-17 ivanperl dependency documentation update from dk smith...
1999-05-12 ivandon't use threaded or unsupported perl versions
1999-04-18 ivanout-dated links, fix from "Greg Kuhnert" <gregk@no1...
1999-04-06 ivanpostgres notes
1999-04-06 ivan*** empty log message ***
1999-04-04 ivandoc clarification
1999-03-25 ivanimport stuff uses Term::Query and spits out (some kinds...
1999-03-24 ivanURI unbundled from libwww-perl, so list it separately
1999-01-20 ivandocumentation update: mod_perl support
1998-12-20 ivansuggest suEXEC as an alternative to suidperl
1998-11-28 ivanrun fs-setup as user freeside
1998-11-13 ivanmore documentation updates for new config location
1998-11-09 ivans/agrep/String::Approx/
1998-09-18 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-09-18 ivanInitial revision