-w flag spewing too much to STDOUT
[freeside.git] / fs_signup / FS-SignupClient / cgi / signup.cgi
2004-10-01 ivan-w flag spewing too much to STDOUT
2004-06-10 ivanagent interface
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-01-04 ivanremove obsolete netscape CCK support
2003-12-10 ivansignup page w/advertising source dropdown
2003-10-25 ivansignups with snarf info!
2003-10-24 ivancvv!
2003-10-14 ivanfix the default success template
2003-09-29 ivansignup with agent selection
2003-09-29 ivaneliminate warning
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-04 ivanproperly pass init_popstate to error pages
2003-07-04 ivanadd "initial_popstate" option to signup server
2003-07-04 ivandon't add extra blank pop
2003-07-04 ivantypo
2003-07-04 ivandon't populate the whole initial list if there are...
2003-07-04 ivanoptimize javascript to handle large numbers of POPs
2003-06-24 ivandisplay full POP numbers in signup server - patch from...
2003-04-21 ivanon-demand vs. automatic cards & checks: added DCRD...
2002-12-24 ivanelectronic checks work in signup.cgi
2002-11-29 ivanaccept unmunged state/county/country
2002-11-28 ivanseparate state and country <SELECT> in signup server...
2002-11-19 ivanadd LEC billing
2002-10-12 ivanACH support
2002-08-26 khoffFancy three-stage popselector a la javascript
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-05-30 ivandon't double \r on old templates
2002-05-30 khoffreplace newlines with crlf here instead of escaping...
2002-04-25 ivanalternate decline handline (Bug #408)
2002-04-20 ivanfix signup.cgi to be sticky on *all* errors
2002-04-19 ivanmake necessary stuff for success.html global
2002-04-19 ivansignup server: FS::part_pkg->payby kludge & example...
2002-04-17 ivanuse signup.html and success.html from current dir...
2002-04-17 ivanallow for the no-pop case
2002-04-16 ivanallow signup to specify agentnum
2002-04-10 ivanbulk checkin from working on the road:
2002-04-07 ivanworking message catalogs (not used for enough yet)
2002-04-07 ivan- config option for signup server payment types
2002-04-06 ivancloses: bug#384 - adds security phrase to signup server...
2002-04-06 ivanbig signup server cleanups. uses Storable for network...
2001-09-27 ivanit's 2001 now.
2001-09-27 ivanpopSELECTOR!
2001-09-11 ivansignup server fix!
2001-09-11 ivanmissing quote in new template
2001-08-30 ivanupdate signup server: template form and success html...
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals in singup server
2000-12-03 ivantemplate bugfix from Jason Spence <thalakan@frys.com>
2000-08-24 ivanuntaint template source
2000-05-10 ivanNetscape CCK autoconfiguration support
2000-03-01 ivancvs cruft
2000-02-02 ivanfix some bugs in signup server
2000-01-31 ivanprepaid "internet cards"
2000-01-28 ivanproper IEAK stuff
1999-12-17 ivanbeginning of IEAK support
1999-08-24 ivaninitial checkin of signup server