so Search.tsf and Search.rdf work
[freeside.git] / bin /
2005-05-18 ivanreport the file that had a masonize error
2005-04-26 khoffFor renumbering svc_broadband services from one addr_bl...
2005-04-07 ivandepend on DBIx::DBSchema 0.26 for dbdef-create (for...
2005-04-05 khoffThis doesn't fix the problem. To be continued...
2005-04-02 ivanmust be as Pg superuser
2005-04-02 ivanadding quick slony setup script
2005-03-31 khoffPrinting insert statements is not necessary
2005-03-31 khoffCommitting the inserts helps.
2005-03-31 khoff(Apparently) working version. Updates svc_*, cust_svc...
2005-03-30 khoffTest script to add pre-history table history records.
2005-02-25 ivantry to set the sequences right for modern Pg
2005-02-25 ivanadding quick pg-readonly tool
2004-12-24 ivanremove $Id$ line
2004-12-24 ivanimport NP and *LK* from shadow file as * (no password)
2004-12-23 ivanadding rate import scripts
2004-12-03 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-13 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-11-08 ivanadding in case this is needed again
2004-10-20 ivanback to id
2004-10-20 ivanlocate existing ones by title, warn on errors
2004-10-20 ivanadding artera import
2004-10-20 ivanadding artera import
2004-10-17 ivanadd options to adjust UI for artera turbo as svc_export
2004-08-20 ivanadding
2004-06-22 ivanfix attribute importing bugs that borked the passwords
2004-06-18 ivanmasonize fix: avoid newline prepend fix from borking...
2004-06-05 ivansqlradius import updates
2004-06-01 ivantypo in sql
2004-05-28 ivanadding password/finger correction tool too
2004-05-28 ivanadding
2004-05-28 ivanreally.
2004-05-28 ivanfixed up and working?
2004-05-27 ivanfixup domain svcpart selection
2004-05-27 ivanadding sqlradius.import
2004-05-12 ivaneasier this way
2004-05-12 ivanadding
2004-05-10 ivanmake postfix export commands configrable
2004-05-10 ivanproperly nested greps
2004-05-10 ivanallow for multiple svc_acct svcparts
2004-05-10 ivan5.005!
2004-05-10 ivanach 5.005
2004-05-06 ivanadd option to change the restart command in apache...
2004-04-02 ivanadd option to set (r)ndc command
2004-03-30 ivanadd -s and -c flags, add ipv6 default zones to list...
2004-03-18 ivanadd -b option
2004-03-17 ivanskip root user and anyone with *LK* or NP accounts
2004-03-17 ivanfix multiple svcparts
2004-03-17 ivanallow multiple svcparts
2004-03-17 ivanre-enable prompting
2004-03-17 ivanadd -d and -r options
2004-03-11 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2004-03-03 ivanfix for case where no .fetchmailrc should be create...
2004-02-13 ivanpostfix export
2004-02-13 ivanadd postfix export
2004-02-13 ivanit lives!
2004-02-13 ivaninitial import
2004-02-12 ivanfix usage msg
2004-02-03 ivanadding shadow.reimport
2003-11-05 ivanfixup
2003-11-04 ivanadding
2003-10-23 ivanrequire DBIx::DBSchema 0.22 to deal with Pg version...
2003-10-02 ivanupdate with dictionaries from freeradius 0.9.1, and...
2003-08-08 ivan- (finish) includes! (closes: Bug#551)
2003-08-08 ivan- fix Mason profiling to pass-through images (for graph/)
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-22 ivanskip pg_ tables also (ewww, showing up in reverse-engin...
2003-06-22 ivanskip history tables that exist already; easier to re...
2003-06-14 ivan\n\n between virtualhost entries
2003-06-12 ivan/bin/halt and /sbin/halt
2003-06-12 ivantyop
2003-06-12 ivanbetter error handling for re-imports
2003-06-12 ivanremove overly-verbose debugging for now
2003-06-12 ivan"doc"
2003-06-12 ivanarg
2003-06-12 ivandebugging
2003-06-12 ivanupdate for long table names; use sequence name directly...
2003-06-12 ivanmoo
2003-06-12 ivanadding fix-sequences
2003-06-03 ivanremoving (very) deprecated import
2003-05-03 ivantypo in usage instructions
2003-04-24 khoffSupport for exporting to an ISC BIND9 name server
2003-03-29 ivanrestart apache, not bind!
2003-03-28 ivanfix missing semicolon in apache export
2003-03-20 ivanapache export!
2002-12-04 ivanreally fixed now
2002-12-04 ivanoops, typo
2002-10-12 ivandayphone/nightphone as customizable labels, closes...
2002-09-21 ivanall taxes now have names. closes: Bug#15
2002-09-20 ivanadd freeside-deluser, freeside-deloutsource and freesid...
2002-09-20 ivanmove from bin/fs-setup to FS/bin/freeside-setup
2002-09-20 ivanchange otaker fields to 32 chars
2002-09-19 ivanuse database SERIAL or AUTO_INCREMENT for primary keys...
2002-09-09 khoffsvc_broadband merge
2002-09-08 ivanerror out if can't open .HEADER files
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-07-15 ivanfinally a working DNS::ZoneParse
2002-07-06 ivanfix Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference...