[freeside.git] / bin / svc_acct.export
2000-07-06 ivantyop
2000-07-06 ivansupport for radius check attributes (except importing...
2000-06-29 ivananother silly typo in svc_acct.export
2000-06-28 ivanadd support for config option textradiusprepend
2000-06-15 ivanadded ICRADIUS radreply table support, courtesy of...
2000-03-06 ivansync up with working versoin
2000-03-06 ivanfinally get MySQL locking working for ICRADIUS export
2000-03-06 ivans/sshopen2/sshopen3/ to prevent spurious mysql "Enter...
2000-03-06 ivaneek
2000-03-06 ivanoop
2000-03-06 ivans/icradiusmachine/machine/
2000-03-06 ivannot setuid or run by malicious user - no -T necessary
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export bugfix
2000-03-06 ivanICRADIUS export support
1998-12-10 ivanuse FS::Conf, need user (for datasrc)
1998-09-18 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
1998-09-18 ivanInitial revision