trading in tar for rsync for improved vpopmail support
[freeside.git] / Makefile
2002-02-18 jefftrading in tar for rsync for improved vpopmail support
2002-02-15 ivankeep accidentally checking in Makefile changes, gotta...
2002-02-15 ivanCP provisioning!!
2002-02-10 ivanfix "no previous account to recall hidden password...
2002-02-10 ivans/POP/Access Number/ in the webui
2002-02-10 ivanpro-rating w/ web interface, tested (closes: Bug#313).
2002-02-07 ivanoops, reversing bad Makefile patch
2002-02-07 ivandelete payments
2002-02-06 ivandocumentation building Makefile patch
2002-02-04 ivan1.4.0pre8!
2002-01-29 ivan- web interface for hourly account charges!
2001-11-06 ivani REALLY suck at Makefiles
2001-11-06 ivani suck at Makefiles
2001-11-06 ivanmake foo for htetc/global.asa
2001-11-05 ivanmore fixes for fresh installation
2001-11-05 ivanyet more Make
2001-11-05 ivanmake create-database fix
2001-11-05 ivanmakefile fixups
2001-11-05 ivanmove sys-dependant stuff to vars
2001-10-30 ivanwork with CVS version too
2001-10-30 ivanmake
2001-10-30 ivan`make create-config' installs default config (conf...
2001-10-30 ivanmake
2001-10-30 ivanmakefile typo
2001-10-30 ivanwhew more install docs and automation
2001-10-30 ivansetup/config updates. getting easier...
2001-10-29 ivanfix make clean
2001-10-29 ivanautomate a tiny bit more
2001-08-17 ivanalldocs target
2001-07-30 ivanneed this too!