fix new duplicate username checking
[freeside.git] / FS / FS /
2002-06-12 ivanfix new duplicate username checking
2002-06-11 ivanexport-based duplicate username checking!
2002-06-11 ivan- add new suspend and unsuspend export hooks (with...
2002-05-31 khoffMoved new-style export calls to svc_Common.
2002-05-28 ivanbetter error message for "Illegal password"
2002-05-17 ivanfreebsd `toor' user
2002-05-16 ivanallow freebsd `toor' root user
2002-04-26 ivanadd username-nounderscore and username-nodash config...
2002-04-19 ivanmaybe just for debugging
2002-04-16 ivanmove the last of the real-time exports out of svc_acct...
2002-04-14 ivan- move cyrus, shellcommands, CP exports exports to...
2002-04-13 ivan- documentation updates
2002-04-12 ivan- should finish off the part_svc -> part_export s/one...
2002-04-10 ivanbulk checkin from working on the road:
2002-04-06 ivansecurity phrase bug fixes
2002-04-05 ivan- add message catalog table & beginning of web interface
2002-03-24 ivanICRADIUS groups all done! UI and provisioning. closes...
2002-03-23 ivanokay group editing UI as well as part_svc group editing...
2002-03-23 ivangroup editing seems to be working... everything except...
2002-03-22 ivanRADIUS groups on the way!
2002-03-20 ivannew export! infostreet and sqlradius provisioning...
2002-03-18 ivanhandle inserting cust_svc and svc_acct records separate...
2002-02-28 ivanclean up mess. *sigh*
2002-02-28 ivanclean up mess
2002-02-28 ivaneek
2002-02-28 jeffimproved vpopmail support for svc_acct records
2002-02-22 ivancorrectly disable/enable accounts @ CP
2002-02-22 ivanfreeside *SUSPENDED* -> CP set_mailbox_status OTHER...
2002-02-22 ivandon't leak perl line numbers on cp provisioning errors
2002-02-22 ivanfix bugs in CP mailbox changes: cp_change and cp_rename
2002-02-20 ivanuse Net::SSH::ssh_cmd for all job queueing rather than...
2002-02-15 ivanCP provisioning!!
2002-02-12 ivanthat's not a bug anymore, don't list it in the BUGS...
2002-01-29 ivan- web interface for hourly account charges!
2002-01-22 ivansilly compilation problem
2002-01-16 ivandoc
2002-01-14 ivanpay some attention to 1.4 RADIUS SQL export
2001-12-20 ivandon't error trying to suspend accounts with '*' password
2001-12-20 ivanquiet warnings
2001-12-19 ivanalas, a 5.6-ism
2001-12-19 ivansurpress warnings
2001-12-18 ivanadd freeside-setinvoice to MANIFEST
2001-11-05 jeffimproved svc_acct replacement
2001-11-05 ivandoc tyop
2001-11-03 ivannew 'jsearch' call for big joined searches & caching...
2001-10-24 ivanpreliminary web config editor
2001-10-22 ivanfix dir check
2001-10-02 ivanallow some more characters in GECOS... showing up in...
2001-09-30 ivanarg
2001-09-30 ivan$1 doesn't seem to last very long...
2001-09-30 ivanusername-uppercase config file
2001-09-19 ivandirectory hashing
2001-09-19 ivantyop
2001-09-19 ivanhopefully report some sort of ssh error
2001-09-19 ivan;args
2001-09-19 ivanFS::svc_acct::ssh
2001-09-19 ivanicradius transactional password changes (suspensions...
2001-09-16 ivanfix oops in FS::cust_main_invoice::replace preventing...
2001-09-14 ivanfix for no svc_acct_sm!!!
2001-09-11 ivantransactional job-queued icradius/freeradius export
2001-09-11 ivanbetter logging
2001-09-11 ivancyrus fix!
2001-09-11 ivanusername-noperiod config file
2001-09-11 ivancyrus support
2001-09-07 ivantyops
2001-09-07 ivanfix RADIUS attribute capitalization
2001-09-06 ivandoc
2001-09-06 ivanfinally fix part_svc!!!
2001-09-02 ivanbetter error msgs
2001-08-21 ivanfix domain method, and it works against old databases...
2001-08-21 ivanfix some silly syntax errors
2001-08-20 ivanmore svc_forward work
2001-08-20 ivandtrt when deleting accouts wrt forwards, catchalls...
2001-08-19 jeffadded user interface for svc_forward and vpopmail support
2001-08-19 ivan->setfixed untaints svcnum
2001-08-19 ivanset fixed fields before checking domsvc
2001-08-13 ivanuntaint svcnum & domsvc
2001-08-12 jeffmerging vpopmail support branch
2001-07-30 ivanpodnitfix
2001-07-30 ivanallow !! as password for disabled accounts
2001-06-03 ivanadd username-letter and username-letterfirst config...
2001-06-03 ivanfixes
2001-04-22 ivanget rid of (became Net::SSH and Net::SCP...
2001-01-31 ivanfix tyops
2000-07-17 ivansilly mistake
2000-07-17 ivanprevent accounts which are the target of mail aliases...
2000-07-17 ivanmake remote commands configurable
2000-07-06 ivanmis-PODed =back should have been a =cut
2000-07-06 ivansupport for radius check attributes (except importing...
2000-07-04 ivannoted a API inconsistancy
2000-06-29 ivanmd5 passwords can are 34 characters long and have ...
2000-06-28 ivansuperfluous my()
2000-06-28 ivanbugfix to accept shells that evaluate to false in perl...
2000-06-15 ivanadd radius method
2000-03-06 ivanbetter error message. bah.
1999-08-12 ivanconfigurable min/max username length, min password...
1999-08-04 ivaninitial checkin of module files for proper perl install...