fix up forward editing for new svc_forward.src field
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2004-02-25 ivanfix up forward editing for new svc_forward.src field
2004-02-07 ivanadd ignore_accounting flag to sqlradius and sqlradius_w...
2003-12-23 ivanadd svc_external
2003-11-07 ivanalso fix attribute_since_sqlradacct for data charging
2003-11-07 ivanfinish fixing sqlradius_withdomain time calculations
2003-09-06 ivanadd get_session_history_sqlradacct
2003-08-05 khoffVirtual field merge
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-07-15 ivanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-09 ivanadd "$ignore_quantity" bypass
2003-04-26 khoffI don't like FS::Record warnings
2003-03-29 ivancorrect web UI for svc_www services & no more @.domain...
2003-02-05 khoffip_netmask is gone now
2002-12-17 ivansqlradius time calculation fix wrt open sessions
2002-12-14 ivanfix for auditing packages
2002-11-05 ivancan't use placeholders in SELECT SUM(?)
2002-11-05 ivanbandwidth charges from sqlradius
2002-10-17 ivanyay missing paren
2002-10-17 ivan*sigh* better debugging
2002-10-17 ivanreally fix sqlradacct for old Pg
2002-10-17 ivanfix sqlradacct calculations for old Pg
2002-10-17 ivanradacct update: use sqlradius for datasrc, not plandata...
2002-10-12 ivansqlradacct_hour price plan to charge per-hour against...
2002-09-18 ivanremoving svc_acct_sm
2002-09-09 khoffsvc_broadband merge
2002-08-12 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2002-05-22 ivanmove some code from FS::cust_pkg to FS::cust_svc, becom...
2002-04-20 ivanfix problem with edge case where there *is* a pkg_svc...
2002-04-12 ivanfudge up FS::cust_pkg::order ("Order and cancel package...
2002-02-10 ivananother bug in quantity checking
2002-02-10 ivanimport qsearch() so the quantity checking works
2002-02-09 ivanhave FS::cust_svc::check look up & check pkg_svc.quantity
2002-01-29 ivan- web interface for hourly account charges!
2001-12-15 ivanmeaningful FS::cust_svc::label for svc_www records
2001-11-30 ivanmore link methods
2001-11-03 ivannew 'jsearch' call for big joined searches & caching...
2001-09-03 ivanfix more bugs
2001-09-02 ivanbetter error msgs
2001-08-20 ivanlabels for svc_acct accounts are now fully qualified!
2001-08-19 jeffadded user interface for svc_forward and vpopmail support
1999-08-04 ivaninitial checkin of module files for proper perl install...