cust_refund and cust_pay get custnums
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2001-09-02 ivancust_refund and cust_pay get custnums
2001-09-02 ivanmore udpates for the new world of unapplied stuff....
2001-09-01 jeffhaste makes waste... and left a method out
2001-09-01 jeffadd cust_credit_bill relating multiple invoices to...
2001-09-01 ivancust_bill_pay and cust_credit_refund.
2001-08-28 ivancustomer-to-customer referrals!
2001-08-26 ivanbrainfart
2001-08-23 ivanno need to be y1.9k complient
2001-08-19 ivancountry fields will now accept names and change them...
2001-08-17 ivanBusiness::OnlinePayment
2001-08-12 ivantransactional invoice_list setting yay!!!
2001-08-11 ivanadd comments field, fix ship_ address handling (don...
2001-07-30 ivanshipping address additions
2001-06-03 ivanfixes "Error reval-ing" and won't bill errors
2001-04-23 ivanbetter error message (if kludgy) for no referral
2001-04-09 ivanTransactions Part I!!!
2001-02-03 ivantime-based prepaid cards, session monitor. woop!
2001-01-31 ivanfix tyops
2001-01-23 ivanharmless tyop
2000-06-27 ivani18
2000-06-24 ivandon't use Date::Manip; report correct program name...
2000-06-15 ivanfix for ncancelled_pkgs - when called in scalar context...
2000-02-02 ivanbugfix prepayment in signup server
2000-01-31 ivanprepaid "internet cards"
1999-08-12 ivanhidecancelledpackages config option
1999-08-04 ivaninitial checkin of module files for proper perl install...