time-based prepaid cards, session monitor. woop!
[freeside.git] / FS / FS / Record.pm
2001-02-03 ivantime-based prepaid cards, session monitor. woop!
2000-12-06 ivanDESTROY sub
2000-12-03 ivansession monitor updates
2000-11-07 ivansession monitor
2000-10-27 ivansession monitor
2000-06-27 ivani18
2000-06-27 ivanfix typo in last patch, and another gratuitous -w pleaser
2000-06-27 ivanlogically identical, but -w safe
2000-06-23 ivanFS::Record::qsearch - more portable, doesn't depend...
2000-03-03 ivanchanges backported from 1.2.3 release, bugfix from...
1999-08-04 ivansome pod syntax update to generate nicer html docs
1999-08-04 ivaninitial checkin of module files for proper perl install...