trading in tar for rsync for improved vpopmail support
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2002-02-18 jefftrading in tar for rsync for improved vpopmail support
2002-02-15 ivanCP provisioning!!
2002-02-12 ivanadd username_policy "@append domain"
2002-02-11 ivansvc_www is working!
2002-02-10 ivanadd new package definitions to all agent types by default
2002-02-10 ivanhide SS# unless you turn it on via config file
2002-02-10 ivanpro-rating w/ web interface, tested (closes: Bug#313).
2002-02-07 ivandelete payments
2002-01-14 ivanpay some attention to 1.4 RADIUS SQL export
2001-12-08 ivanradiusprepend config file for DEFAULT entries etc.
2001-12-03 ivanmaxsearchrecordsperpage config option
2001-11-21 ivana more reasonalbe name (!)
2001-11-21 ivanpostalinvoicedefault config file
2001-11-02 ivanconfig web GUI updates. almost usable now.
2001-10-30 ivansetup/config updates. getting easier...
2001-10-25 ivanremove debugging cruft
2001-10-24 ivanpreliminary web config editor
1999-08-04 ivaninitial checkin of module files for proper perl install...