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2013-07-02 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-02 Ivan Kohlerselfservice, TNG, RT#22193
2013-06-28 Mark Wellsnew thirdparty payment framework, #23752, #23579, ...
2013-06-21 Mark Wellsclarify correct use of batchconfig-eft_canada, #16252
2013-06-19 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-19 Ivan Kohlerremove customer deletion
2013-06-19 Ivan Kohlerremove customer deletion
2013-06-08 Ivan Kohlermulti-currency, RT#21565
2013-06-06 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-06 Ivan Kohlerremove echeck-nonus
2013-06-04 Ivan Kohlermove services between packages, RT#22619
2013-05-16 Ivan Kohlerstatement link display by default, better label, statem...
2013-05-15 Ivan Kohlerpayment voids exist, time for deletepayments to go
2013-05-13 Ivan Kohleradd anniversary-rollback option to roll the anniversary...
2013-05-10 Ivan Kohlermerge NG auth, RT#21563
2013-05-10 Ivan KohlerNG auth: autocreate records for external users, RT... 21563
2013-05-07 Mark Wellschanges to support new invoice features, #21293
2013-04-29 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-29 Ivan Kohleradd selectable domain option to signup, RT#21557
2013-04-29 Ivan Kohleradd selectable domain option to signup, RT#21557
2013-04-25 Mark Wellschanges to support PayPal, #22395
2013-04-25 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-18' of
2013-04-25 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-19' of
2013-04-25 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'xss_fixes' of
2013-04-19 Ivan Kohleradd fuzzy-fuzziness config, RT#22519
2013-03-29 Mark Wellsshow more detail about payments on invoice, #21949
2013-03-27 Ivan Kohlerstart of auth plugin work
2013-03-26 Ivan Kohlerno longer an experiment, RT#22187
2013-03-20 Ivan Kohlerfix quotations vs invoice_sections, RT#21103
2013-03-18 Ivan Kohleradd mac_addr to svc_broadband-manage_link, RT#21997
2013-03-18 Ivan Kohlerconfig to enable cust_pay report time selection, RT...
2013-03-11 Ivan Kohlerremoving very obsolete izoom stuff
2013-03-03 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-28 Mark Wellsper-package bundles of voice minutes, #5738
2013-02-27 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-27 Ivan Kohlerdon't allow selection of cust_main-check_unique in...
2013-02-26 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-26 Ivan Kohlerfix locale conf setting dropdown (RT#21054)
2013-02-26 Mark Wellsdisplay inbound CDRs in selfservice, #18316; Taqua...
2013-02-19 Ivan Kohlerclarify description of census_year vs. actual Census...
2013-02-19 Ivan Kohlerconfig setting to disable menu entries in self-service...
2013-02-17 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-17 Ivan Kohlerremove obsolete marketgear skeleton config settings
2013-01-30 Ivan Kohlerper-agent lpr command, RT#18549
2013-01-29 Ivan Kohlerusername-exclamation, RT#18227
2013-01-20 Ivan KohlerNACHA batching, RT#20443
2013-01-19 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-20' of
2013-01-19 Ivan KohlerNACHA check batching, RT#20443
2013-01-14 Ivan KohlerGSM TAP3.12 export, RT#20768
2013-01-10 Ivan Kohleradd cust_bill-line_item-date_style-non_monthly config...
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-3' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-2' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-5' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-4' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-6' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-9' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-8' of
2012-12-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'patch-7' of
2012-12-11 Mark Wellssystem log, #18333
2012-12-04 Ivan Kohleradd Net 18, RT#17616
2012-11-11 Ivan Kohlerfix compilation errors, RT#13763
2012-11-06 Mark Wellsimproved address standardization, #13763
2012-10-30 Mark WellsIP address management for svc_acct, #19567
2012-10-27 Mark WellsICS invoice spool format and email delivery, #17620
2012-10-20 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-19 Mark Wellsrecurring indicator for Paymentech batches, #19571
2012-10-05 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-29 Ivan Kohlerspeling
2012-09-11 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-11 Ivan Kohlermake selfservice_process-pkgpart and manual_process...
2012-09-06 Mark Wellsfix 477 part IIB, #18503
2012-08-22 Ivan Kohleradd agent email, RT#18231
2012-08-16 Ivan Kohlerslightly better description
2012-08-10 Ivan Kohleradd national id # handling for my, RT#18543
2012-08-03 Ivan Kohlerselfservice payment fees, RT#18345
2012-08-03 Ivan Kohlerper-customer prorate day, RT#17891
2012-07-26 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-26 Ivan Kohleradd anniversary date, RT#18631
2012-07-17 Mark WellsOptionally show previous invoices on statements, #15864
2012-07-13 Mark WellsXLSX format for spreadsheet download, #17971
2012-07-13 Mark Wellsone-way check batches, #17623
2012-07-13 Ivan Kohlerabstract out the amount + fee + input, javascript,...
2012-07-09 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-04 Ivan Kohlerquotations, RT#16996
2012-07-02 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-02 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-30 Mark WellsBusiness::BatchPayment interface, #17373
2012-06-30 Ivan Kohlermerging RT 4.0.6
2012-06-22 Ivan Kohlerremove SG stuff
2012-06-19 Ivan Kohlerfix compilation error fallout from including FS::Misc...
2012-06-13 Mark Wellstable of FTP targets for invoice spool upload, #17620
2012-06-05 Ivan Kohleradd logout timeout, RT#17057
2012-05-25 Mark Wellsuse custnum-display_prefix in fancy location labels...
2012-05-22 Mark Wellsnon-billco FTP invoice spool upload, #16382
2012-05-15 Ivan Kohleradd umask_ss config, RT#17606
2012-05-13 Ivan Kohleradd cust_main-custom_content config item for Globelink...
2012-05-08 Ivan Kohlerseparate tax exemption numbers for individual exemption...
2012-05-07 Ivan Kohleradd spouse_birthdate, RT#17577
2012-05-07 Ivan Kohleradd billing_history selfservice API call, RT#17617