2016-05-04 Mark Wellsdebian packaging master
2016-05-02 Jonathan PrykopRT#42265: Add Authorization Only and Reverse Authorizat...
2015-11-05 Ivan KohlerPass Cf1/Cf2 for voids and refunds as well
2015-08-18 Ivan Kohler Pass invoice_number as Cf1 and customer_id as Cf2
2015-08-08 Ivan Kohlerwtf
2015-08-08 Ivan Kohlerdpkg-buildpackage woes
2015-08-08 Ivan Kohler0.07
2015-08-08 Ivan Kohlervoid partial auths, RT#35042
2015-05-20 Ivan KohlerHandle and pass back error responses in ResultCode...
2015-02-19 Ivan Kohlercvv2_response should never be passed back as a hashref
2015-02-16 Ivan KohlerNormalize return fields with non-standard names (avs_co...
2015-02-14 Ivan Kohlerinclude t/lib/ in MANIFEST and thus...
2015-02-14 Ivan Kohler0.03, cvv2 not required for all transactions (+add...
2015-02-12 Ivan KohlerUpdate AUTHOR and PREREQ_PM (Net::HTTPS::Any) in Makefi...
2015-02-12 Ivan Kohler - Update for production URL
2015-02-10 Alex BrelsfoardUpdating GIT with last bit of changes.
2015-02-10 Alex BrelsfoardSaving .deb file to repo
2015-02-10 Alex BrelsfoardConverting the XML templating to now use XML::Writer
2015-02-09 Alex Brelsfoardfixing test_account function call
2015-02-09 Alex Brelsfoardfixing typo
2015-02-09 Alex BrelsfoardGetting code ready for CPAN and debian relase.
2015-02-06 Alex BrelsfoardBeginning of CPAN/debian package preparation.
2015-02-06 Alex BrelsfoardStable working code.
2015-02-06 Mark Wellsunbreak this code
2015-02-06 Alex Brelsfoardminor tweaks
2015-02-05 Alex BrelsfoardSaving current state of code, and adding test script...
2015-02-03 Alex BrelsfoardSaving simple test script to repo for now.
2015-02-03 Alex Brelsfoardcleaning some of the code and converting to using B...
2015-02-01 Alex BrelsfoardSaving first version of Business::OnlinePayment::vSecur...