We need B:OP v3, thankyouverymuch.
[Business-OnlinePayment-Skipjack.git] / Skipjack.pm
2008-06-18 ivanWe need B:OP v3, thankyouverymuch. master Business_OnlinePayment_Skipjack_0_05
2008-06-03 ivan0.04 Business_OnlinePayment_Skipjack_0_04
2007-04-13 ivanwe don't use B:OP:HTTPS yet, no need to depent on B...
2007-04-11 khoff$csv->error is not a method.
2007-04-11 ivanclarify licensing in preparation for release
2006-03-28 ivanadded changelog, boilerplate POD and README, tests...
2006-01-04 khoffFixed bug that broke expiration dates >2009.
2002-09-09 khoffinitial release