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2019-03-30 Mitch Jackson0.08 Suppress elipsis character from strings truncated... master
2018-03-01 Mitch Jackson0.07 Use Truncate::Unicode
2016-12-21 Mark Wells0.06, add with_recurringInd flag
2016-01-26 Mark Wells0.05
2016-01-25 Mark Wellsadd debian meta stuff
2016-01-25 Mark Wellsbytes_substr
2015-03-25 Mark Wellsenforce field lengths in raw bytes
2013-08-16 Mark Wellsfailure_status support; better handling of error messages
2013-02-17 Ivan KohlerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-17 Ivan Kohlerdon't even send an empty avsCountryCode for non-US...
2013-02-01 Mark Wellsmake filenames unique when sending multiple batches
2013-01-15 Ivan Kohlerdoc
2013-01-15 Ivan Kohlertruncate state to 2 characters
2012-11-13 Ivan Kohlerdon't send countries other than US/CA/GB/UK to paymente...
2012-08-06 Mark Wellsdowngrade moose requirement; bring in line with B:BP...
2012-08-01 Mark Wells.gitignore
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